Amazon SF4 Fightstick Goldbox Deal


Two good Amazon news in a day. Only hint is Street Fighter IV button mashing. Could be a pad too.

Amazon Goldbox
Amazon Goldbox Deal “A2RIZ4VRTFBZLX”

The second link is a direct link to the deal. It is active at 12:00PM PDT or in about 7 hours from this post.


Thanks for the head-up, I’ve passed that along to my friend who was thinking about getting a stick, just not for $150.


360 only? dang it


Street Fighter IV FightStick for X360

List Price: $149.99 Amazon’s Price:
Gold Box Discount:-$36.61

Gold Box Price:
$94.99(37% off)

Not bad…


Nice deal

maybe the newbie forum can stop asking how to do trials on a controller now


Good price. Maybe they should show the UK some love and discount it for us too!


Round 1 TE’s have been $99 for the last year, they’re down to $80 at Frys. You can find MvC TE’s and Round 2’s for the same price too.

edit: SSF4 TE’s are now $99 at Fry too


Ugh! I dunno if i should get this or not BUt its only 24 mins left so I have like no time to decide!! oidngfosfn

I hate being in Canada


Markman said something about another deal coming " monday " … but being that it’s tuesday, I don’t think it’s this monday? Probably the monday of the comic-con week.


If he said on monday and he said it after monday then he clearly means the next monday.

That being said: this is better than the deals madcatz has.


Have a quick question for people who know how to use amazon. I clicked add to shopping cart on the item before the sale stopped and now it says claimed. But I havent actually bought it. Does that mean I can buy it at the 94 dollar price now or do I have to buy it at original price?

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