Amazon taking pre-orders now on HRAP EX-SE


Just got this in my inbox. Wish I had waited for my second stick to just grab this.

If there was already a thread regarding this, please lock.


arcadeshock has this ready to ship:

amazon does have free super saver shipping tho.


Just to let everyone know, since I made this mistake.

The shipping order and billing has to be the same.

I thought I could get my father to order it, and have it shipped to my address.



Are you talking about amazon or arcadeshock? I’ve never had this problem with amazon before.


I wish we can know how moddable this stick is before being purchased. Since it’s limited edition, I may not get one unless I preorder it.


As modifiable as the regular HRAP EX I’d imagine; quick disconnects for the buttons but wires soldered to the stick. Should be slightly easier to work with since you can just remove the top panel as it appears to use hex screws like the HRAP 3 SE.


I was talking about Aracde Shock.

I would order from Amazon but…don’t really want to wait that long.

I wonder if the box will be in english…if you order it from Amazon…


Heh, I pretty much already turned my HRAP EX into an HRAP EX-SE a long time ago, though I have a LS-56 instead of an LS-32, and I arranged the 4 colored buttons in the Neo-Geo style.

Great stick for 360 owners looking for something a little different out of the box than you get with nearly every other retail stick though.


Such a tempting buy and such a sexy stick. I may just mod my T5 stick instead though and put some plexi art…hmmmm decisions decisions.


got mine yesterday from Arcade Shock
great stick