Amazon TE Xbox 360 or Ps3?

Ok im trying to order this stick today but theres a dillema, is this stick for ps3 or xbox 360 because the item itself says “PS3 Street Fighter IV Round 2 FightPad” but everything around it says xbox.

can anyone confirm this either way?

that’s all kinds of weird cause it’s calling it a fight pad too… iono lol

the one you have linked looks like xbox

That is certainly confusing but it’s most likely just a typo.

It shows up as the Xbox 360 SF4 Round 2 TE when you add it to your cart so I’m sure it’s the 360 version of the stick.

Ok, thanks guys, ill order it and hope for the best… do they have a return policy for stuff like that?

if u order from amazon yes :slight_smile: they even refund shipping :O!

There’s a box just below the pic in the middle that lets you choose the platform. It’ll show up in your cart as whichever platform is selected.

^RD Blade nailed it on the head

I think the real question is why are you buying it for 130?

Just to let you guys know, Amazon Deal of the Day today (6/25) is TE first-gen sticks for $99.99.

You can probably cancel your order and re-order to save some money.

wow. amazon really screwed me over there. it already arrived…