Ambidextrous sticks?


Although I am right handed I find the left handed set-up more natural, is there a convenient list of sticks than can switch between left and right, I am considering something like the qanba q2 pro as the top plate is more or less horizontally symmetrical with the function buttons suitably placed on the side. I’d prefer something that is a little more future proofed with PS4 compatibility though…


There was this thing at one point. I don’t know what happened to it though.


The Qanba Q5 prototype is designed with modular plates, which would easily allow you to swap between right and left handed setups on the same stick:


Its a great idea if not a little garish.


South Paw setups are Sinister


They sure are, however it strikes me as odd that if your right handed you write with your right hand and yet the fine motions of an arcade stick are set to your left hand, it seems right for pads but I guess its just a throwback from my old amiga days when joysticks came with two buttons - they both did the same thing and setup was symmetrical, most right handed people would hold the stick with their right hand as flight sticks are set up.


Traditional, Southpaw Sinister, Aristocrat!


Didn’t S-Kill used to play on arcades with his hands crossed?


Yes, except not used to.


That makes sense, until you realize how the hand over the buttons requires more accuracy than the hand over the sticks. It sounds a bit counter-intuitive, but the stick hand doesn’t mind a bit of slop as the gate assists with the motions, not to mention the small range of motion. The button hands require much more speed, accuracy, and timing to hit those buttons without missing or hitting the wrong button.

Sounds weird, but think about the guitar. Even right-handers pluck/strum with the right hand and finger with the left hand based on similar principles.

He still does. But even he strongly recommends against playing cross-handed. He admits it’s terrible for anything require simultaneous button presses. It works fine for SF2, which is a much more simple game, but he struggled with things like roll cancelling, 3-button option selects, doing Akuma’s demon grab, etc…


Precisely, just think about guitars, a right hander plucks the strings with their right hand and fingers the notes with their left hand. Hitting the buttons is much more akin to fingering chords than operating a stick which is a motion operation like hitting the strings.