Ambiguous Crossup in the corner

Here’s a question I have about Fei. After a forward throw in the corner, I often see mago do a low short, and then jump forwards with medium punch.

I’m confused about the purpose of doing this… when I set it up against the shotos in training mode, it seems they can block it like a normal jump in, but if they “incorrectly” block it as a crossup, it will whiff. So it seems to serve no purpose? And yet I see mago do this against many characters, including the shotos. But if you watch Mago vs Daigo matches from youtube, Mago whiffs and gets thrown all day when he tries this. wtf is he trying to do?

On a related note, I can’t find any ambigous crossup setups in the corner with Fei (maybe character dependent… I’m mostly trying so far on the Shotos and Guile). Basically, it seems if Fei jumps forwards close to the corner, then he will crossup with jump mk, but nothing seems to hit properly on the front side. MP has the problem I mentioned above; it whiffs if they block it “wrong”. Other attacks don’t seem to work (jump short does some weird things if you hit high with it, but in that case it doesn’t seem to combo into anything.)

This would all be well and good if I didn’t see mago trying this kind of setup all day long… (but very often whiffing and getting punished). What gives?

probrablly trying to bait a dp but timing it wrong. if he hits them on their first standing frame it acts like a safe jump in that he continues his pressure. if they dp, his jump in whiffs, but he punnishes with a combo. if he times it wrong, he probrablly gets thrown

hes the best, but still not totally 100% perfect, and is still figuring out things with fei

After a forward throw which put the opponent to the corner, if you whiff a c.lp/ (startup + active frames + recovery = 14 frames) then jump in and hit mp with the good timing (hit the opponent at the frame where he’s standing during his wake up), Fei’s body will be at the back of the opponent but the mp isn’t cross up and Fei lands behind the opponent on the right corner, and in front of him at the left corner.
The timing accuracy is different against different characters :

against Juri, Cammy, Viper, Rose, Makoto, Dudley and others (lazy), the mp has to be blocked non-cross up all time

against Ryu, Ken, Guile, Dalshim and others (lazy again), the timing is really tight, if you miss it, no matter the guard choosen by the opponent, he will block but fei lands in front of him or behind him (left corner or right corner).

Oh and other interesting thing about that set-up, if you do :

forward throw, c.lp/ (whiff), => No matter where the opponent decided to block, he will block, but Fei lands in front of him and as the opponent generally decide to block it cross-up 'cause Fei’s body is reaaaaaaaally behind him, he will naturally press 1 after or mashing (on the wrong way) a dp or whatever which keep his guard opened.

+, with this last set-up, Chun can’t reversal ex SBK (je “cut” it and Chun is airbone)

Those 2 set-up are not good against Boxer, cause whiffes and after the, fei always lands behind him -_-
fuck Boxer è_é

So are you saying that all the times mago gets thrown doing this (ie, the mp whiffs), he’s mistiming it? If so is the timing so hard against the shotos etc as to make this impractical?

I think Mago whiffs the mp like almost all the time… at least, from the couple vids I checked.

Mago doesn’t whiffs the mp but And when he get thrown, it’s that the whiffs (timing missed) and then he tries to keep pressing the opponent with a string strated by but the is thrown.
But, if you just do empty jump (lands behind the opponent) then string, the will hit the opponent if he tries to throw you.

Edit : sorry i read too fast your post. So, yeah, when the whiffs it’s that mago missed the timing. It’s not really easy against character like Ryu, Sim, Ibuki and others :confused:

He’s just miss timing the set up and the opponent is blocking cross up. You can also just walk back slightly then jump forward and do it after the throw.

Guys is this set-up the same in function as Bison’s j.FP in that if they DP, they whiff and you’re behind them, and if not they block it?

yeah, its the same theory.

Yeah I get it now; the jump mp can hit in the front if they block as a cross-up… it’s just that the timing on the jump is extremely tight. Basically it seems like you have to make sure you input your low short as soon as possible, and then jump as soon as possible; even the slightest delay makes the mp whiff. It’s pretty hard to do…

I’m having some success by double tap drum-rolling the low short over and over while I’m recovering from the forward throw, then jumping as soon as I see it come out. But I still fail a lot of the time because either two low shorts come out, or, in fear of this, I jump too early, and no low shorts have come out. I dunno if there’s a better method. Simply trying to time the low short at the first possible moment after the throw seems too hard to me so far. And, yeah, it seems even Mago screws this up very frequently.

Just look careully at the knockdown of the throw. You should see this yellow circle, after it disapears then press your You practise getting use to the timing you should be really consistant.