Ambiguous Crossups

Yeah they rock.

For all you list happy people, please go ahead, it’d be nice to know. Not fake crossups like early jump mk with ken and land on the same side, but shit like after ken super, dash up, wait then empty jump mk to land on either side.

Empty jump mk sounds like an oxymoron to me… :confused:

whiff jumping mk =)

Here’s one for Alex: land SA2 somehow (good luck), and then hold down. HK stomp will cross-up and MK stomp won’t. You can also mix in power bombs, flash chops, b+HP, s.HP, and whatnot.

Edit: This doesn’t work in the corner.

Are there any crossups in 3S that have to be blocked the wrong way (hold towards the side your opponent is landing on)

I know they are in ST, SFA3, and I think CVS2… but I haven’t run across any in 3S.

As for “ambiguous crossups” I always thought it meant any crossup that could switch from having to be blocked the right way, and the wrong way (see above)?

Why not just tap to one side right before the opponent’s attack is gonna hit? That way, regardless of which way you guess, you’ll either block or you’ll parry.

Well, yeah, there’s always that… but i was just curious.

Also, about that block/parry thing. If it was that easy to determine when it was gonna hit, wouldn’t everyone ALWAYS parry normal jump-ins 100%?

That’s the rub, bub.

yeah for ambiguous cross ups even if you option select that tap to parry or block, it’s still hard to time. Also you can do more than a high move, after ken ambigious cross up, he can do l.shortx2 super and then it’s ambiguous cross up time again.

also after yun ambigious dive kick, he has like x1000 options, low forwardxxxgenei, grab, xyz into genei, etc, etc so it’s much safer to try to block than to try to parry imo

also there are moves i think that you can do backwards like i think chun can hit a backwards close rh and if you jump over her super, if you get to close she’ll still hit you with the last hit backwards but they are all blocked the sameway, so it looks dope, but backwards hits are hard to do and not usually worth it

some cross ups that are ambigious as shit are that yun divekick one (i dunno how it’s set up, yun players please elaborate), yang/yun whiff uoh on chun after knock down, that ken one i said, oro after chicken combo jab, then dash to switch (or not to switch sides), akuma divekick/demonflip whiff setups and the list goes on.

I just wanted to know if theres ones for like makoto or elena, characters i’ve never seen do guessy crossup shit