Ambiguous Jumps

Is it me, or is J.hp Crane really safe, hits hard, and, is ambiguous because nothing seems to lengthen the body from before you tap it, even if its late, you look like your safe jumping.

Ive actually used late jumpins on Rufus with a U2 response and managed to have a safe jump, allowing me to block.

Furthermore, couple a method of jumpins with this, empty jumps, and mantis, and you have a variety of, ambiguous attacks from the air.

That is, if only executed during the unsafe animation of another attack, because being AA’d sucks.

Original question: Exactly how safe is j.hp (Crane) and what makes attacks like this safer than others jumping wise?

Ambiguous? j. hp crosses up?

I did it once, and it was not intended, as I was jumping right on top of them.
And for clarification, it was Ryu, not a big or small character~ crane on top hits front and lands behind

The only thing that I can think of that makes the Crane j.HP so awesome is the Hitbox. It works well when jumping over fireballs. As where Crane j.HK Gen’s ass hits them.

I’ve had a j.MK Crane hit me up front and still cross me up.

Same here. I’ve landed j.MK Crane various times as a cross-up when I intentionally space my jump to make it land in front of them. At one point, I even killed a Blanka with an accidental one and his dead body flew the opposite direction, over my Gen.

But then again, it’s online and that kick has the goofiest hitbox.

Did you press it early or on top of them?
Mabe we can pass through them like with mantis

Really late jumping crane fierce is really good yeah. It messes with people’s sense of spacing, and hits from a surprising distance, while also kind of faking a jump for short jump (jump for spacing not intended to actually hit). When you combine this with the ability to vary Gen’s jump arcs, and the fact that most of Gen’s air attacks have mad priority in general, it’s a really good move.