Ambiguous setups


After having played for awhile, I’m starting to realize exactly how useful ambiguous setups actually are. Post any you know of and I’ll suck yo dick (no homo).

One I know of is for ken vs yun post sa3. Basically, because yun gets up too fast and his hitbox is wide, the normal super jump post sa3 setup doesn’t really work. However, I you dash immediately after the sa3 you are put in posistion for a pretty good ambiguous jump setup. After the dash, if you forward jump straight away then you’ll crossup. If you wait a split second (and I literally mean a split second) and then jump fierce punch, you’ll land in front of him instead. Heavy kick doesn’t seem to work very well because of it’s hitbox. Fierce punch works great though. I haven’t tested yet, but I’d assume it would work on yang too.


Using Gouki if you back throw Twelve into the corner from just past mid screen (towards corner) and wait a half second then mk demon flip and early cancel kick it’ll look like it’s gunna hit him in the face but will cross you into the corner (dangerous maybe) for a mk into super. If you do a late cancel it wont cross up. Both of these require him to quick roll. Might work on other cast members too, haven’t tested. Just messed around with this last night so not 100% but seemed cool enough.


As ken vs yun: After landing a mp hp lp srk combo (this is assuming he quick rolls), if you dash forward then jump at him you’ll cross him up. If you hit him with jmk though you’ll land infront of him. This makes it kinda impossible to combo anything, but if you wait a split second then use jhk, you’ll obviously be able to combo after

As ken vs anyone without a super quick wakeup speed. If you do sa3 and it corners them you’re at the right distance for max range uoh confirm, however this is too obvious. Soooo, if you whiff 2 cr mps the moment you recover from sa3 then uoh it will whiff leaving anyone trying to parry it looking like a dumbass and giving you a free short short confirm, or if you’re feeling the jungle you can do low forward srk. If you delay the uoh by a split second it will hit them however.


yuuki came up with some akuma vs chun setups… they’re on his youtube… example:



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cr HP
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Nice, there’s also the one where you dash forward then rh demon flip. Do the kick early you hit front, do it late and you crossup. I’m assuming that doesn’t work on chun very well or something though because of your vid.

As yun vs shotos (and probably others without a wide hitbox). If you do close mk sjc and then do his target combo, sometimes you’ll land first allowing you to walk under and cross them up (or not). It seems the timing is that you have to do the target combo just before he reaches the peak of his jump.


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That video was already posted by Marble in the thread ‘hit confirms’ under the Akuma section.
I was hoping to read about some others in this thread.


We need more contributers cause we just do. I know a few but then I’d be contributing to you guys learning this game like it was sf4.



Sf4 doesn’t make sense with them no trip guards. :eek:


Byakko Shoushouda. Yang Palm. Got it.

SF:AC Brady Guide all translated Japanese on move names you prob never ever usin. Got a good guide by reno of Versus city somewhere of the real, in Japan arcade terms.


Ken vs necro: If you land a mp hp lp srk (maybe just straight srk too) and he quickrolls there’s a nice setup for max range uoh. Just dash up straight after the srk and then whiff a mp. Not exactly an ambiguious setup i know, but it’s still pretty cool.


How do you even discover that shit bro?


Just experimenting with shit after a knockdown. Trying to find the best options and stuff.


Discovered this one ages ago but forgot about it.

As anyone with a decent srk. Meaty your opponent then do a delayed srk. If they block or get hit, it won’t come out. If they parry it will. Can do it on reaction too of course, but this is easier.

lol just realized that’s an option select. Ahah I’m an idiot.


hugo has the most GDLK mixup in all of 3s. too bad it’s not all that practical. maybe i’ll post it one day.


lp 360 take one step back and UOH and just start turning that wheel!

Sorry, neiman.


ken vs mak after sa3

hold forward and walk until right around the time she fully lands from shippu then regular jump forward (this works really well once you get it down due to maks fat hitbox)

*this setup works on a bunch of characters once you figure out when to jump although its much more ambiguous against the fatter characters

Mak actually has a couple although they generally rely on your opponent not quick rising typically post ex hayate

*fixed leaving out the jumping part…


I take it you meant to say walk forward then jump right?




wrong, try again. not even close actually.