Ambiguous setups?

Hey, new here. Wanted to make an account to get involved with all these cellmates.

What are you favorite/most effective ambiguous jump in setups? I feel it’s a powerful tool I have yet to utilize and figured this would be a great place to ask.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

On shotos, I like doing (I didn’t discover it. Forget who did):

Back Throw > slight walk forward > j. HP. It can stuff/trade some DPs or cause them to whiff. Depending on how far you walk and the timing of your j. HP you’ll cross them up.

I THINK I came up with that one, but TBH I wouldn’t be surprised it if was known before me. IIRC I posted it back when I was searching for unblockables on Ken.

Anyways, you can do fj.HP in the LEFT corner on some characters and depending just on when you hit the button in the air it will either land in the front or in the back. I dunno who all it works on. Some of them it works on hit only some on block only.

Also one setup I like (but it isn’t a meaty setup so watch for reversals.), LK Ruffian - back dash - fj.MK will still hit as crossup. But people will think its not because of the back dash and it’s not a deep crossup. Also, after any Criminal Upper walk forward 1 step - jumping MK - not a crossup. Walk forward 1 1/2 half step (basically ~3-4F more at most.) IS a crossup. Don’t walk forward jump is a 5F safe jump if they quick rise reversal.

j.HK on Akuma and Makoto in the left corner.