America Spends $20 Billion On AC During Wars

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have a hidden cost…over $20,000,000,000 in AIR CONDITIONING

for reference, that’s more money than the G8 offered Egypt and Tunisia, to establish their new democracies. Or what BP paid for the oil spill. Or the fucking budget for NASA.

Yeah, that’s money well spent…

Wow… wtf

makes sense to me. i mean prob got portable generators n shit…custom made.

Makes sense that aircon would be needed I guess, just to stop various pieces of equipment like computers and stuff from overheating.

Don’t know if they need to spend that much money on it, but it makes sense that it’s an expense.

there’s money to be made in war

Totally worth it. Fuck the heat.

lol it ain’t even equipment aircon. This is just airconditioning for troops tents. Most of the costs are the fact they’re using tents, and the fact they have to drive the oil several hundred miles from Pakistan, in armoured convoys.

lol fuck that. If you can handle bullets flying by your head, you can handle sweat dripping off your balls.

If your equipment is melting in the middle of a war, you will have issues. Their IT infrastructure is monstrous, I can see why. Still, that is a lot of scrilla.

I rather they spend money on our troops then on bs like welfare…

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Oh look, it’s Soviet making another thread about America and how they waste their money. What a surprise.

If you can’t take the heat, get the fuck out of the kitchen.

keep in mind this isn’t $20 billion so far

that’s $20 billion each year

I would rather see that money being spent on veteran rehabilitation myself.

Lol soviet is stupid as fuck. But whatever.

Remember that fire that fried your computer equipment? Same thing Iraq without ac

i’ve been in places that felt like the armpit of hell, and air conditioning provided my sole comfort and relief.

so hell yeah i’ll support the troops and give em AC!

How is this surprising. Anyone who lives in a hot place knows that AC bills can run pretty high. Put that in the Iraqi desert and there you go. This is an essential service for our troops anyway. They would be getting heat strokes without it.

Also, to the US budget 20 mil is barely noticeable. If given to NASA they’d probably spend that in research in a few weeks easy.

20 billion guy, not million.

Even still equipment, heat stroke prevention, a place to be comfortable for even a little bit when int he ass crack of hell, the price is worth it.

Yo Soviet you lookin like a Stalker dude.

He just likes to take every possible chance to take a jab at USA. Probably out of jealousy for not living there.

I was going to say something like this, it seems like every Anti-US topic in GD is made by this guy

he’s gotta let us know the high costs of our ridiculous life styles. With out him we will continue down the path of self destruction.