America...your wang is down downgraded to a 5.6

i am laughing so hard right now

N.Korea still mad

Considering that there are many more Asians with student visas, and being black at times is still a crime punishable by death it’s no wonder the average penis size is going down.

lol white people problems

penises are so awesome. they are the givers of life, you get to stand up while you pee, and the body type of the guy has no bearing on the size of the penis. you could be a thin guy with a huge one, or a beefy dude with a not so huge one.

It’s the hormones in the drinking water!

seems like there is sum ting wong

BTW I need to add that 1.6 inches isn’t a dick it’s a bigass belly button. It says a lot when I can get a bitch off better with nose action that some unlucky guy can with his dick. This guy must’ve been Pol Pot in a past life. There are women with bigger nipples and clits than that. Does he even know when he gets hard? That shit’s gotta be an innie when it’s limp.

that dude with the 1.6…like why haven’t you killed yourself yet? you clearly arent breeding…im wondering if its just an oversized clit. like the doctors straight lied to him.

The evil plot in Black Dynamite is coming true.

A head and balls.

No shaft.

any study that relies on self reporting should be tossed out, period. it has zero relevance to me, frankly. i mean cmon. a survey? what the fuck good is a survey?

That sounds like small dick talk to me.

I promise you, the snake matchup at least better for that 1.6 guy.

Wait why do you say “downgraded” when this number is apparently the consistent average since forever?

As long as it’s not pencil thin you’ll be fine. Seriously though, I would hate to have the black d myth. The look of disappointment when they find out they’re just average sized like everyone else must suck. Unless black guys are walking around with 6ers thinking they’re huge, guess it wouldn’t be so bad mentally.

Maybe this explains all the rampant corruption.


Yo, the dude with the 1.5 incher makes me feel super manly right now.

They surveyed less than 1.2k men, how is that a proper sample size to judge the entire country on and furthermore, who the fuck cares? Seriously, I want to know who actually cares what the average penis size is. I have a small penis, ut oh, guess I’m never getting laid…oh wait, I’m married, that’s why.