American Baptist arrested in Haiti after attempting to take orphans across border

No matter how good your intentions are you don’t abduct kids and try to bring them into a different country .

Yeah that’s pretty damn confusing. No papers is a big deal. Even if they were just doing this for an orphanage the fact that the “orphans” could have been lost kids that have no idea what happened to their parents yet will be a big deal after things get settled.

I’m sure they were just trying to kidnap more people to brainwash… must have gotten tried of brainwashing their own kids.

Please, we all know they wanted to harvest their organs!

2 pages before this is a full on christian bashing thread.

Or essays on American imperialism.

Pick your poison.

The root of this problem is white christian imperialism. Quit trying to steal our little nignogs.

I give it 20 posts.

bashes psychotic Christians’ heads

“Nignog” is one of the few racial slurs that actually sounds funny. It is up there with Honky.


Yeah NigNog is a great sounding word.

who else would we bash for this? God forbid people are called out on their stupidity.

Is there anything white people don’t try to exploit?

Time for everyone generalize an entire group on the actions of an individual!

More likely.

I hate the way they portray us in the media. You see a black family it says they’re looting, you see a white family it says they’re looking for food…

and thats a new one for me. lol.

Psychotics are one thing. Those who think they’re doing are something entirely different and far more dangerous. People on “righteous” missions are pretty driven. This won’t be the last we hear of these type of events.

i hope they lock those asses up. how in the hell are you gonna say you didn’t think you needed permission to take a child out of the country? fuck outta here with that shit.

The sad thing is Thurst the country is ravaged so bad right now its impossible to lock them up they merely have to leave or relocate to another part of the island and they can keep trying. There is definitely more of their kind out there. The government is going to have to halt all interaction between non-medical personnel and children. If they don’t have a license then they shouldn’t be allowed to touch or do anything for the children. Only a doctor should give them food, and the army should give them shelter . These Children should not be around further traumatized by Idiotic , Ignorant faith driven foreigners who believe that they are above mans law .