American "bat" controller or Sanwa JLF "ball" controller

Hey guys, I just found this site and had a quick question. I’ve been playing SF since 1991 and I am used to the arcade “bat” style controller. I have been looking into buying a controller and I noticed that this Sanwa “ball” controller is what most people are recommending. I’ve never played on it and was just wondering if most of you guys are using that for your custom controllers and if there is any real advantage to this stick over the “bat” controller.

Also, I never played on an arcade game that had that slanted button stlye that most sticks have. What is the reason for this? It seems like it would be awkward to play on that opposed to the normal straight button layout.

Thanks for any help.

Just preference.

I prefer the bat, by the way. Most people here prefer to use the ball top. I just don’t like it at all.

No advantage. It’s preference over the bat style. Choose which is better for you. Try both.

Slanted layout = Japanese Layout
Straight layout = American Layout

Again, preference.

It is about time you try a japanese stick then. The curve style in theory ergonomic, just look at the position of where your fingers are when you place your hand palm down on a surface, the curved layout suits it perfectly. However i don’t feel a difference when playing straight or curved.

You might have to get used to it, but i now prefer japanese sticks. The throw is shorter, it returns to neutral much faster and is more precise. However its all personal preference. I still prefer to use happ sticks for marvel but jap sticks for SF.

Ultimately, you may want to learn both. Go for the American style if you can get one since that is what you are used to. Maybe somewhere down the line learn the Japanese layout.

I bought a Mad Catz TE stick, which has the JLF. Just yesterday I switched the ball top out for a Sanwa bat top. I personally think it feels better and is easier to do qcf and qcb. Then Again I also switched out the square gate for an octo gate due to preference.

For different games, like SFIV, Garou, GG, BB Japanese all the way! But Mahvel , XvSF, and ST all must be on a bat with Happ buttons, American layout IMO

I myself played mostly on happ stuff at arcades and really liked that feeling

Then with all the craze here for sanwa stuff, temptation got to me and bought sanwas JLF and sanwa buttons + octagonal gate.

for some reason the square gate is a big pain for me i cannot pull off moves consistently:mad: so I went to the octo gate and that thing is amazing :lovin:

overall sanwa stick is awesome if you use the octagonal gate, also sanwa buttons are smoth as butter:lovin:

after about half a year of using sanwa I really missed the Happ feel of the sticks and last week I bought 2 Industria Lorenzo sticks (manufacturer of Happ parts)

Now I got a Hybrid custom stick

Industria Lorenzo Bat top stick + sanwa buttons :lovin::lovin:

I might have to come up with a guetto box since the one I have is crazy weird :looney:

Ninja Edit: O I really recoomend you try both and see what works for you.

Incorrect, iL no longer makes parts for Happ. Happ now sources parts from China to save money.

I like American sticks.

They are man sticks.

That is all.


In all seriousness, having played on American style arcade controls all my life, I was reluctant to try out the Japanese setup. Ever since I got a box with a Sanwa stick and Seimitsu buttons (curved layout), I have no desire to go back to the American setup.

I’m a Happ fanboy and prefer bat, but ball feels better on a Japanese stick. When I put a bat on my Sanwa sticks I unfairly compared it to an American stick and missed the point.

If you want to try something special, give the Seimitsu LS-56 w/ octogonal gate and Bat top a try. That combo was recommended on here and it’s amazing.

It feels like a mini Happ stick - it has stiffness, sensitivity, and a super small dead zone all in one. If you want to install it on either madcatz TE or SE stick, you’ll need the “MS” flat mounting plate for it

just get an octo gate with the ball top and it should feel good. honestly octo gate is where its at.



I find myself switching between the 2 depending on what Im playing.

I have modded both types of sticks and played with both styles. I prefer American sticks in the end because I grew up using American Style sticks. I can pull off my moves more consistently with American than with Japanese. This really depends on your own experiences.

Wow, thanks for the great info. I’ve got a lot of thinking to do.

Don’t forget the .kr sticks, either, especially if you like higher tension and a faster return to neutral.

In addition to the JLF bat-top and octogate, you could add another spring (ls-32,33);remove the JLF pcb;add cherry microswitches.