American Football 2019 Thread:

How do you guys feel about the Jay-Z stuff?

I think its a bit fucked, but if this ends in him owning an NFL team why would people expect him to turn it down?

Bill Belichek hitting pause on the Josh Gordon return hype…

It is a business deal to make them look less shady and secure better talent for the Super Bowl. But if he becomes owner of a bullshit team like Tampa or Arizona… I just hope Jay did play himself because he can’t walk away like he did with Tidal and keep his rep.



Shots fired

Rest in peace

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The XFL 2020 teams and logos…

I’ll say it again. We had a team named the Vipers and we didn’t give it to St. Louis?!

lol the la wildcats logo prob pissed off a graphic designer.

“so you want a logo to not look like a cat…or fucking wild?”

RIP Las Vegas Outlaws.

Guess I’m a Seattle fan

jay z is money first over everyone. hes said this his entire career…he loves to laugh and act like its all good between him and kap. and every person connected to kap has said thats bullshit. its a power move and makes hov look like a coon for the money


We gonna pretend like Nas wasn’t warning people about Jay-Z since the turn of the century… Him shucking and jiving for a buck is the only thing he’s about.



Damn as a rival I hated his guys, but he was a great player and I am shocked to see him go out like this.

Damn, Im going to miss Andrew Luck. He was the Michael Vick of whiteness.

The Colts’ offensive line has been shit since his rookie year. I don’t know how can the Colts front office fuck up this bad in protecting their franchise quarterback.


Yea this notification on my phone even had me going WTH literally out loud…

Shit has to be more serious than thought and enough for a potential HOFer on a top 10 team to quit in his prime.

Wish Andrew nothing but the best… As for the Colts you know what you are without Luck. Time to think about ANY QB who can run and maybe throw just enough to not just hand the Texans the division title. IF only a QB like that was available.

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Wasn’t there that guy who played for San Fran a few years ago?


Not sure just saying if they had an option and only football matters knowing the Colts have a average O-Line they would explore ALL options…They know what they are under Brissett. Up to the Colts to decide what they are…

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Crowd was ass for booing Luck off the field…agree with Rapoport.