American Football Thread: Will we have a normal 2020 season?

Football season is officially here! Well at least the pre-season!

Go Bucs who when Cleveland makes the playoffs this year will have the longest playoff drought!

Rooting for DA BEARS…

Repping the Lions and the Jets.

Texans all the way… but Packers or Cowboys if they stumble.

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We in there. WHODAT

Ugh picking the Saints again as of right now to be favorites in the NFC, the question is what will fuck them over this year?

Themselves, most likely

Welcome to the Mahomes revenge tour. Please remain seated throughout the duration of the ride.

Let’s go Vikings! Can’t wait to see Cousins play his former team- and I’m gonna be in there! So stoked to go to a game this year.

I might wear my Portis jersey underneath, just in case :rofl:

Really Antonio…

$40 Million? Dak wants $40 Million … Dak is the most overrated QB in modern history. He needs help to be successful. If the Cowboys pay him more than the already eccentric offer they made its a mistake but one the Eagles.Giants and Redskins will love.

Seriously no team would pay Dak $40 million, fuck no QB is worth that a year. Not even Mahomes and he is the best young QB. Dak might not even be a top 5 IMO under 27…

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All he’s done is guaranteed that the Cowboys are gonna let negotiations drop and let him go out there without Zeke.



Cowboys are gonna be holding that L all season long. Can’t wait for the locals to be pissed off that they can’t win a game.

Dak should be paid, don’t know about that much but he should be paid as if he is one of the top 15 QBs.

Rooting for DA BEARS !!!

Can’t wait t see 3 things when the season starts……

  1. Montgomery juking defenders and make them miss gasping for air…

  2. Jackson and Clinton -Dix wrecking havoc in the secondary…

  3. Mack Smith Hicks and Trevathan torturing the O-line and having QB’s shaking in their cleats to pass the football…

:bear: the hell :point_down:

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Texans fan here!!
Rooting for them all the way, if they fall short will hop on the Cowboys bandwagon just to see a championship come home to Texas!!



I know…I know…hence why Houston is Texas best shot to bring a football championship to the state.

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Mahomes will probably get $40 million a season unless he’s willing to accept a team-friendly deal to keep the other talent on the team

With a little more polish, Dwayne Haskins will be a force to reckon with in the NFL. With that said, HTTR and FUCK THE COWBOYS!!!