American Government Thread 2: No Doo Doo Holes Allowed


Alright gents, will copy/paste the rules for the other one soon. Lounge needs a restart every so often so figure 666 is the best number to end this thread on.

Hail Disney!

The AmeŃŹican Government Thread

Estate taxes are silly. We abolished ours in the 70s and just have higher income/goods taxes instead.

Tax people while they’re living, not when they’re dead.



and what period of time would that have been?




It was never great.

America. World’s Okayest Country.


Trump signed that tax reform bill, the gop no longer needs him

He already accomplished what bannon wanted in the tax reform

So now everybody is coming for his old fat ass.

Trump going to be in jail. This shit is getting horrendously bad.


More like America: Everyone Else Is So Terrible, We’re Great By Default.


More like America: you fellas bombed each other to oblivion, this country looks nicer without debris and POWs


@“Mr. Warzard” check out this thread…


Bannon be like…


Actually from traveling the rest of the world, this is more true than anyone wants to admit.
People don’t realize much of European cities outside the usual tourist trappings and city centers look alot like Detroit, the bad side of Detroit.
Rural areas can get as backwards as you can get. Some Villages only got electricity and plumbing in the 21st century.


This book has some crazy shit in it, hard to believe some of the specifics lol.


I don’t know about Australia, but in the US the vast majority of taxation is on income rather than wealth. This causes those (both individuals and businesses) with income very significantly higher than their expenses to tend to hoard wealth. Apple, for example, is rather famously sitting on > $250 billion. Hoarding wealth drives currency deflation, which is bad. Not taxing wealth means the actual burden of taxation falls more heavily on those who have to rely on their income to live, which is unjust.

Admittedly, businesses hoarding wealth is a whole other issue. But for private individuals at least, taxing wealth as income in the precise circumstance where it behaves like income (in the form of an inheritance), isn’t necessarily a terrible idea. Not in systems where the accumulated wealth itself isn’t already taxed much at all, anyway.


America: Season 2 is really kicking off with a bang! Trump the snowflake suing Bannon hahaha Shiettt. So good.

Also since A Shit Pie wants to take your internet and Opossum Sessions wants to take your weed, when are you guys gonna revolt against old white republicans?


This is a surprisingly great article:

Making China Great Again

Kinda long, but if you care about international trade or really the international role of America, I’d suggest it’s required reading. It jibes strongly with what I’ve heard from people involved in international trade.

The bit about TPP was also interesting.


More like America:

We bombed your countries into the bedrock, razed your economies via our corrupt banking systems (and our bombs), and stone-cold murdered each and every one of your leaders who might have even hinted at effecting change for the better within your nations’ sovereign borders.

Might as well come work for us, now.

If you have actual skills, we might even keep you around, as Corporate House Slaves.


The Wolff book is gonna be the best selling book of all time, perhaps even beating the Bible.


Awwwwwwwwwwwwww shit. The cease and desist made him release it early.



The only thing i am hoping is that if there is a nuke war, it happens after DBFZ and UNIEL[St] are out.