American Government Thread 2: No Doo Doo Holes Allowed


You sure did. Although it depends on what everyone’s definition of those values are.


Norwegians SAY they don’t want to come to the US, but then I realised Norway is only like, a tiny block of 5 million people.

When you take those immigration figures and compare them to their home population, Norway’s immigration rate is actually higher than China or Japan.

Just for fun, in 2016:

Australia (#2 on HDI behind Norway): 4173 / 26,000,000 ≈ 0.00017
Sweden: 1325 / 10,065,389 ≈ 0.000136
Denmark: 562 / 5,748,769 ≈ 0.000098
Netherlands: 1550 / 17,170000 ≈ 0.00009
Norway: 404 / 5,267,146 ≈ 0.000076
Spain: 4018 / 46,560, 000 ≈ 0.000086

China: 77658 / 1,379,000,000 ≈ 0.000056
Japan: 5709 / 127,000,000 ≈ 0.000045


If one of those values is getting peed on by Stormy Daniels, then I guess I’m a born again Christian.


That’s fair. But the point is, they still don’t want to go there.

Also… More winning from the old racist grandpa that learns about the world from Fox news.


Well, thing is, therein lies the Norse hypocrisy and ignorance of their own trends.

Their emmigration rate to the US is higher than France and Germany, too.

France works out to about 0.000065.
Germany about 0.000071.
Italy about 0.000072.

The Norse emmigration is directly comparable to the largest European nations. Their reasonings sound rather bullshit too, to be frank, given the numerous other nations with free/socialised healthcare, education and gun control, etc.

Ultimately, forget about the normalised numbers.

When you look through that table in absolute terms, much of the immigration listed does come from places people would commonly consider shitholes for some reason.

Regardless of how he phrases it, Trump actually is asking a valid question. And if the answer is “Well, we don’t WANT to come to your shithole”, then that should be sounding alarms amongst the American public.


What’s bullshit about it, oh King of Australia?


Ah, Preppy, same old insults. Maybe Norway has a point about you after all.

Norway’s making the same old excuses about socialised programs and gun control (Anders Brevik anyone?); despite the significantly higher emigration from comparable countries like mine, the other Scandinavian nations, Canada and the UK and basically the rest of the West that have those same programs.

Again, Norway says it doesn’t want to come over, but comparatively, they’re still migrating more than countries vastly inferior to it.

I mean, I don’t necessarily blame them for staying home. Norway’s a small, ethnically homogenous country with abundant resources, after all.


Calling you King of Australia is not an insult, I don’t think. But then again I like Australia and have a picture of my pet wombat in my office. I thought my love for Australia was clear.

I’m sorry for triggering you with my flirtatious love, snowflake. I realize you’re trapped in a nomadic wasteland and don’t understand anything but trial by fire swords - which again I think proves what a man you must be to have become King of the Fire Sword Everything Wants To Kill Us Wasteland, but I am in a land of free soda pop and jelly beans and am full of love.

And jelly beans.


The only time Australia is ever relevant is when you got that one friend camping in there in a game of Risk.


You’ll have to be more clear, sorry. You keep mange-ridden marsupials as pets?

Jelly beans are delicious, I agree.

Damn straight.


Are you THAT GUY?


Wait, who isn’t that guy? This is SRK, right? Play to win? Australia has always been the key to world conquest.


I actually haven’t played Risk, but camping sounds like something I’d do.

I saw somewhere today that the number of Americans moving to Norway is higher than the reverse. That’s true in absolute numbers, but when accounting for population, Norwegians move to the US nearly three times more.

In 2014 (latest year I could find for both countries data), 8,652 Americans immigrated to Norway. That works out to 0.000027.
In 2014, 332 Norwegians immigrated to the US. That works out 0.000064.

Like…I’m clearly not smart with numbers, but it does actually look like the US is more appealing to Norway than they want to admit.



And some 63 Sam Club locations closed

The Sam’s near me closed without warring or even advance notice to their employees.

Employees found out as they show up for work that their location closed from locked doors and a sign on the door and not from management.


when one reads these types of trumpgrets articles. one common theme seems to be prevalent.



financial genius? didn’t trump’s casinos lose money? anyway, tom brady will likely be the greatest qb the in nfl history. however, why would one assume brady’s ability to recognize man vs zone coverage would translate into presidential ability? in any case, the people in the article realized their mistake and owned up to it. conversely, the cult45 members are up in here hilariously celebrating chump change being thrown their way, copping pleas for a unhinged president and stanning for huge tax cuts for gop donors and corportions sitting on tons of cash.

they sure did, but trump stans wouldn’t recognize an obviously transparent pr stunt if it bit them in the ass.

IOW, unemployment is continuing to drop (which was happening before trump got in office) and wal-mart is playing catch-up to some competitors to recruit employeess in a tightening labor market. wal-mart is already paying out $11/hr in states (DC, CA, WA and MA). a total of 18 states raised their minimum wages in 2018. also, target has been paying $11 for hourly employees since oct 2017 and costco raised it’s minimum to $13 in March 2016. nonetheless, this isn’t exactly a windfall when put into context as noted in the article.

oh, those stories will definitely come out simply because of the historical spectacle and rarity of a shit show of a presidency. btw, trump’s latest interview in the WSJ delivers as usual. he comes off as bizarre and completely incoherent.

lol…a real life archie bunker with mental instability and cognitive skills that have declined to the point where he can’t even grasp his own policy stance nor the stance of others.


I don’t pay a lot of attention to politics, but I do respect Trump for one thing, and that’s taking his presidency in a different geographical direction. Yes he’s illiterate, yes he’s luxuriously retarded, but there’s one thing I have to admit is that peace between the West and Russia, and peace between North Korea and South Korea, would all be a good thing for the world. Yes Trump is probably scared of NK’s ballistics and nuclear power, but if he at least got them talking, that’s a good thing.

Because I have to be honest, after the past 15 years I’m sick of hearing about the Middle East’s civil war and terror, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, and so on. Just years and years of conflict in different countries and us sticking our noses in their business. Just to hear on the news what people think is going on between Trump and Putin is a sigh of relief, not that I’ve forgotten and don’t care about the victims of conflict in the Middle East, but it’s a sign that our focuses are being shifted to other places.

But, I’m not going to defend the moron, I don’t know enough about him to say, but it seems to me that Trump is tackling actual genuine world issues that can benefit everyone, instead of simply invading a country on the first day of his presidency.

[/dumbest comment ever]


Trumps ass would steal some fizzy lifting drinks then leave the factory acting like he didn’t do shit then proceed to extort Slugworth for 8x his asking price for the ever lasting gobstopper.

**Fun fact IMDB said he even did a cameo in the movie: **


Employment is dropping across the board and has been for a long-time because of the one-two punch of automation and outsourcing.

Proponents will tell you that it’s creating new opportunities but it’s twisting facts. It is creating new opportunities but not an equal amount of opportunities. Some new jobs but overall a lower amount of jobs.


Kara throw? You could hit him with Honda’s overhead…