American Government Thread 2: No Doo Doo Holes Allowed


I’m interested to see all these new whips with this annual $1K bonus most Americans got.



Virginians, you may have to start paying the state government to watch porn if this proposal becomes law.

Virginia proposes porn watching fee to prevent human trafficking


…So that happened.


Good video showing how the media distorts the truth


4chan continues to influence the media from both sides I see


George W. Bush is Third Strike & Bill Clinton is Super Turbo!!!


Mark ass bitch



LOL. Our president fucked a porn star and paid her to shut up about it. And Republicans voted for him because they are “Christians” LMFAOOOOOOO.


God forgives everyone… Except crack smoking muslim kenyans.


Yet he has gotten over 3$ million from the NRA.

NRAtv is pretty much just InfoWars now and they should be labeled a domestic terrorist organization.

But hey thoughts and prayers!


Rumour is the shooter was a Cuban former student. Just a rumour far as I can tell.


I’m looking at videos of the shooting and one of them has children in a class hiding and the shooter is busting shots in another room and the kids hiding start to scream when they hear the gun shots

Man if I was in a room hiding with people from a shooter I would now tell them to " STFU if you hear gun shots cause if he hears you screaming he coming in here you idiots !! "


double post delete this


Someone pulled the fire alarm. Teachers say the guy was already a potential threat in the past.


Should have just killed her like other politicians have to others in the past. At this point I want to hear it all. Trumo should just not bother to save face and say “yeah I fu ked her…so what? Yeah I’m not an upstanding Christian and I shouldn’t have tried to pretend I am one” but he won’t


So InfoWars going to call this one a hoax too?

I want to put this into perspective as I am a person who thinks guns are ok for recreation but people being brainwashed to think guns are being taken away Democrats is fucking getting old and ridiculous. Turning the 2nd amendment into politics for the NRA to get money is getting people killed daily.

This is the gun used today…


Virginia Tech was committed with handguns, but you’re scared of an AR.

Since when do we care about what InfoWars thinks?


Nice to see America still hasn’t learned their lesson.


Pretty much no solution, tbh. School had armed guards and it was probably a gun free zone.

Dude was known to be a threat, but people didn’t tell the cops. Even if the Government voted for gun control, they’re too incompetent to institute it, as evidenced by the church massacre last year.

More guns hasn’t worked, less guns hasn’t worked. Time to start focusing on the “why” of these events.

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