American Government Thread 2: RIP John McCain, 81


I guess this muslim guy still managed to blow the gay guy up figuratively.


Interestingly, sounds like most of those women now don’t have his back. Pretty funny to have come out with a letter of support from people that have no knowledge of the issue.

Also the “Bart Kavanaugh” stuff is hilarious. His friend Judge (best name in context), the other guy in the assault accusation, wrote a book with “Bart K” in it:


and then you have Jr. peddling this BS.


That letter is rock solid grounds for refusal.

Not only is he framing the rape “consent”, putting the Yes box first, making the reader work for the obviously correct answer box of “No”, but…

…dude can’t even spell friend.

Or his own name, for fuckssake.


Is the “e” first, in Russian?

There is no “I” in comrade.


lol American government getting more and more retarded by the moment.


Build.that.wall. /sarcasm


fake news


Hopefully folks realize that the caption is what’s wrong and not the fact that the city is flooded. I live about 2 hrs away from there and that city was leveled by floodwater.


500 million?..


Faux News at its finest


Too many illegals for a mere wall to keep out.

Go, go 200 Mi Elians, Gondolas!

Con census, indeed.


LOL the US AS A COUNTRY doesn’t even have 500 million inhabitants as a total. Oh Fox News…

Meanwhile, I don’t think I can see Toad (SMB) the same way ever again…


We’re only about 175 million short.

Stop being so fussy.


Trump before heading to NC. Talks about the Kavanaugh, how great the country is doing, and how short Manafort worked for him.


Time to start making dem babies!


Trump MEANT Extra-Ordinary.

The educated world refers to it as being the product of heavy inbreeding.


How Late-Night Comedy Has Degenerated Into Cheap Political Propaganda


You seem to be on trump’s dick and about not criticizing republicans


You guys do enough of that. Just trying to break up the echo chamber in here.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”
― Mark Twain


In that case -