American Government Thread 2: RIP John McCain, 81


Oh and I want to add Fox fucking straight lied about that encounter(video proof)…I chose to leave that out as it was more about how Fox talks about Nazis and people who oppose Nazis…


The only thing worse than the Nazis, is the international banking cartel that precipitated and enabled their rise.


That dude swinging a bike lock turned out to be a tenured professor, hardly a 20 something…

a lot of cis white males in these mugshots…

You couldn’t be more wrong about Antifa


I gotta find the entire speech for context, but honestly. . . . . what in the entire shit is this man saying?


It’s really hilarious that CNNs token black guy calls it a minstrel show.


I’ll just leave this here…


So NBC fucked up totally. But truth be told the real story is Trump’s reaction. The real takeaway here is how orange man bashes the media and that’s bad for democracy.


See he is trying to say who is more violent… Not what each side stands for… This is part of the setup. Its not about what the values are its about who “was” more violent. In the end Heather Heyer would probably tell you who is more violent.

ALSO the big issue is how far the White Supremacists go to make it feel the kids in masks are not only even but worse… They make ENDLESS fake Twitter/FB accounts faking to being ANTIFA…

They also do stuff like this…

In the end I repeat one side knows what they are doing. But what do I know… I am just a left wing liberal ANTIFA sympathizer I guess.

You guys love Youtube so watch this, this was one of the best made Nazi videos showing kinda how they have lived on and the last words REALLY stick out and was made way before Trump was a thing I might add…
“but what if this new era of Nazi soldiers were united under a charismatic leader like Hitler”


We know Trump supporters these tests are fake… blah blah blah…

Think Trump should release his Tax Returns already…


Has anyone else got their Soros bucks yet? I’m still waiting for the cheque.


Politics aside, those ancestry tests are hella sketchy.

Also, 10 generations back you had 1024 grandparents. Bragging about being 1/1024th anything isn’t a great look.


Agreed. Those things are markers for the regions where those traits are present day. Couple that with the potential privacy issues and its just a bad look.


Oh look she read my mind…

Looks like 1/1024th Indian putting 100/100th corrupt Trump on notice…



Even at a 1024th, Trump’s peeps would still colloquially refer to you as a hard “R”, minus the “Libtard censorship” in this post.


Well, it’s not unlike that guy who’s trying to claim affirmative action benefits for being ~4% African American. Maybe less socially detrimental than that, but still. Trying to co-opt the moxie of belonging to a group without having to pay any of the struggle dues.

I tend to agree with Warren on political issues, so I’m not saying this from an adversarial mindset.


So… what is the metric, then?

If you don’t set off the Lynch-o-Meter, you’re good if not golden?

Seems like a grand way for the racists to “have their cake and eat yours too.”


Idk. But do we really want to use the behavior of racists as our guide for determining what’s reasonable? Pretty good chance most of those racists weren’t pure anything 10 generations back either, and just don’t know about it.



But not acknowledging acknowledging it is a problem.


Yeah, it’s complicated. And I can’t shit on her for believing what her parents told her as a kid. But still, being less than one one thousandth of a thing probably disqualifies you from counting as that thing. To anybody trying to be remotely reasonable anyway.


And this is why identity politics is stupid. Who gives a damn about her ancestry. Judge not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.