American Government Thread 2: RIP John McCain, 81


If the the parties were actively having to defend lawsuits in regards to their gerrymandering, I wonder if it would curb them from doing it?


They already do, and it does not deter them.

Mostly because it is the govt itself that gets sued, so the govt picks up the cost, rather than the parties.


To the winner goes the spoils. Or to quote McConnell, “elections have consequences”. Victors get to write the history, and sometimes the rules of the game.


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LOL funny part is some of the comments like most people I know voted for McShitty… yes you live in a bubble with people who are also stupiditly like minded. I know maybe 8 people who voted early like me and it was 7-1 Sinema.

SERIOUSLY the GOP in real time in both AZ and FL are throwing BITCH FITS because votes are being counted… Shows how much they actually care about democracy…

Wait WTF my shitty gov even gets it? Seriously he is now piece of crap gov moving forward for his real talk…



Your all safe right???


Yeah Ducey has been shit, and that quote is a nice change of pace, but I wonder if he’s just saving face so when he inevitably does something incredibly dumb like post for pictures with white supremacist groups or wuss out on giving teacher’s raises, he can point to this and say “B-but I help both sides!”


I’m still amazed on how fast David Garcia’s campaign derailed. When you let someone like Ducey win the election not even an hour after polling closed that’s when you know you fucked up.


Honestly, I hope you’re right. If the numbers being presented are true, i’ll concede in that point and be pro caravan.

Obviously the numbers and stats vary between the source they’re being pulled from. Not to attack the source and call it a day, but I will have to delve into the methodology of the studies being cited in your articles. Ill probably only have the time to look into 1 actual study from each side.

Would have done this sooner, but had a 12 hour shift plus callback. Busy, but will get to it soon.


If you only have time for 1, I’d say the Cato Institute research is probably the most thorough. The Koch Brothers have been enabling right-wing nutjobs for years, but even their funded think tank appears to have done the research and been found wanting.


Yup just trump pushing a nothing narrative to scare racists


Natural birth involves less pushing, and more cohesive, sensible narrative.


Natural birth = a fetus transitioning out of its mother’s uterus into the world at large.

…just in case any Birthers or “Real Citizens”
misconstrue my intent.*

They are dumb like that.*

*Among other ways.


We live in a society now where someone can just spew literal fake propaganda out of they ass and get 8,000 people to share and 15,000 to like.

The damage the “right”, Fox, Trump, GOP and the like are doing is getting to a point of irreversible.

Meanwhile Trump who loves our Military… Couldn’t handle light rain? What a fucking joke!


The Acosta thing is a watershed moment in our modern history. People watched athe same video and couldn’t agree on what was happening; was it real, was it doctored, did he know her hand was there, was he purposely being violent? Really and truly stunning, here we are folks.



Holy Shit Sinema on track to actually win this. Id love it to be by 1 vote so I can claim I sent her to congress.

McShitty will pick up some votes in Yuma and Sinema will in Tucson… Mail in favors Sinema. No odds being put out but sure its 95% Sinema at this point.


Also anyone see the irony that Trump says kneeling black folk disrespect the military and then some light rain keeps him from honoring our fallen soldiers to instead watch Fox News and Tweet how he took the side of the fire in California as people are losing everything and dying…


Thank you, Wodin.

An eye for an AZ, leaves the Senate more jazzed.


The only irony I see is Trump complaining about Blacks kneeling.

White Nationalist in Chief can’t make up his mind.

More irony.



Low energy, as they say.