American Government Thread 2: RIP John McCain, 81


“One of the upside risks, is that you may end up changing, the global landscape in a way that favors the U.S.,”



Communism has yet to ever actually occur.

If it is any consolation, it is argued by rather markedly expert opinion on the subject, that it first needs Capitalism to run its most ideal course to be ever made manifest in practice.

Go, go automation!


Communists are like the dude that keeps bugging you for a first to 10. Then when they get thrashed they go “whatever man, I wasn’t even playing seriously”.


Sacha Baron Cohen out here tricking politicians to support a [fake] campaign to arm children.

Not sure if I want to laugh or cry. . . .


This is one of those times, when even atheists can agree with the WWJD crowd.

Jesus wept.


That’s Joe Walsh on CNN trying to do damage control for his part in not knowing it’s a prank in the Gun Nut segment. Sara Palin and Ray Moore sent out letters trying to shift blame as well, only to make themselves look dumber.

The Palin and Moore segments haven’t been aired yet, but Sacha, still I’m character, wrote a letter to Palin demanding an apology. It’s already all over the internet, lol.


God bless SBC.

He’s doin’ the lord’s own work.*

Hell, he even gave Harry Potter AIDS, in possibly the worst Mark Strong vehicle, ever - just to keep Daniel Radcliffe semi-relevant in infamy.

He’s a good man, passable Jew, and maybe even a tolerable bloke.

*This is the best thing he’s ever done, actually.


I mean, he’s right. Guns are fucking cool.


The European Union is our foe, per Donald Trump.

…I think Imma start calling him Precedent Trump.

Because he seems to believe he does.


So is a Dodge Demon, but I’m not gonna let a 2nd grader out on I-85 and say “have fun”.


Why not?

If it’s never too early to teach your toddlers about credit, then it’s never too early to teach them how to drift.


LOL, the Demon’s a factory built drag car. I guess if it’s a straight line then we’re alright .


Ugh, not even close. It’s clear this is propaganda first, comedy second. Nothing beats Ali G.



predictably, trump was polishing putin’s knob before the plane even landed.

unsurprisingly, trump shamelessly sucks putin’s dick on the world stage.

cult45! come get ya boy.




Putin denies Russian interference and Trump believes him? That’s great news! If Trump believes Putin, then I do too. Thank god!


Im not anti tax because I think trickle down economics will make money rain down from rich people down to poor people. Nor do I think it will magically reduce the deficit because the economy is going to become good. Its pretty clear that trickle down economics doesn’t trickle down shit. I’m anti tax cause the government will just keep getting more bloated and continue to waste that money with nothing but more bureaucracy and regulations to show for it. Spending needs to be cut, and if taxes need to be raised, then there needs to be full and very granular transparency into where that money is spent. Left would generally agree that military spending should be slashed, which I agree with, and right would generally agree that entitlement spending should be slashed which I also agree with. Slash it all.


There’s really nowhere useful to go from that argument. Slash it all while deliciously nihilistic is escapist fantasy engendering no useful discussion.

I feel like you want to step back and figure out what role a nation should serve, what a government should be providing to its citizenry in return for its empowerment. There have been many great works in this field: figure out what you want and then discuss funding against that.

I’m firmly of the belief that a government should help each citizen succeed to the best of their ability and effort, as their success generally strongly correlates to the success of the economy and nation. Things like housing assistance and regulations to protect the common may take resources, but they’re pretty critical. You definitely will have richer rich with less taxation and fewer regulations, but that kind of concentrated success doesn’t do the general public much good.


I love what Sasha Baron Cohen did. Its like a fuck the GOP version of project verafake some of you niggas love and thought/think is real except this is real unedited morons doing stupid shit…

Today really was a sad day and watching some(not all) GOP member praising Trump is well just sad. Trump is flushing democracy down the drain right in front of out eyes. I just people would admit he is a lying con-man before its to late. November 5th can’t arrive soon enough.