American Government Thread 2: RIP John McCain, 81



actually, it’s over one american evangelical pastor. although, there are about a dozen other americans in jail. trump is playing to his base. anyway, trump’s response complicates a diplomatic and defense policy dispute with a strategic NATO ally by adding a financial crisis into the mix.

you have one economically illiterate leader (he actually believes lower interest rates lead to lower inflation) in erdogan who is drove his country’s economy to the edge of an economic cliff. you have another economically illiterate leader in trump who thinks it’s a productive idea to ram his car into the rear end of turkey while it’s teetering at the edge of that cliff. now, erdogan is accusing the US of waging “economic war” against turkey.

oh, here we go. the usual airing of grievances from culture warriors like it’s festivus. so, exactly what policies of obama’s demonized and marginalized you people? oh wait, i forgot i’m on srk. you’re definitely not talking about policy because you people avoid the topic like the plague. unsurprisingly, it sounds like you’re on some culture war bullshit. still, if you’re going to accuse the left of turning you people into bat shit crazy, flat earthers. the very least you could do is to make your claim more substantive than a hot take.

so, i would get four more years of shitting on trump and clowning on his cult members? sign me up!

agreed and it was long overdue. the real problem is some people education in civics is sorely lacking. this isn’t a freedom of speech issue and jones isn’t some martyr for the first amendment.

and subject to change at their convenience as well. nonetheless, jones did agree to them in order to use their platform. also, youtube was pretty clear about why they were banning him. their guidelines seem pretty clear too.


Hate speech is so fucking vauge. Jones is a nut and a loon and thats about it.

I care less that he was banned and more that hes been pushed underground where it becomes harder to keep track of the crazy.


If YouTube is private then why can’t a private cake shop refuse service to gay couples’ wedding needs???


Because public opinion and public outrage


YouTube and the cake shop have the exact same case. They can do what they want because they are private companies. Private companies have the right to refuse anyone and everyone…


No, they don’t. The SCOTUS ruled in favor of the cake shop, fwiw.

I love law. Your comparison mangles the reasoning and problems on each case. In one case, discrimination was prohibited and so cake guy got sued (and cake guy mostly won). In the other case, a private company said “don’t do this or we will kick you off” and Jones did that thing. Note the statues involved in each instance.

So no these are miles apart. The Twitter situation is indeed interesting, though. They only enforce TOS if they hate you, which is a bad look.



Do you need a reference on this, btw? Cuz that’s not true. Private companies interoperating within the public arena are subject to rules of commerce, most notably such as not being discriminatory in refusing service.

In other news:

^-- I think I’ve mentioned that before, nice to see it get a little airtime and hopefully stop him from being such a fucking idiot. The CEO I’ve heard about is bewildered by the random stupid late night phone calls he gets from Trump… I’ll be interested in hearing if the negative press here maybe stops that incoherent badness.


So what exactly did Jones do that they told him not to because “Hate speech” is a real non-specific and its the only reason I’ve heard.

“Oh he used hate speech.”
“What did he say?”
“Oh you know his crazy conspiracy theories, the Sandy Hook Child Actors Comment.”
“That’s not hate speech.”

So yea what did he do exactly?


Bureaucracy grows like a bacteria. At first there was just an FBI. Then came the NSA, the CIA, the DHS, and god knows what else in the future. Tell me how these help the citizen succeed? Seems to me theres tons of redundancies, but good luck ever scaling any of those back. and that’s not even getting into the wasteful military contracts on toys that don’t even reflect the new reality of warfare. Throwing public money at things doesn’t make things better, it just ensures that those things will continue to suck up public money and sprout up new departments and bureaucracies. i’m talking strictly about the military and intel agencies here, the same ones bombing the world, spying on citizens, and meddling/OVERTHROWING other countries governments.

Regarding private businesses refusing service based on discrimination, steven crowder did a hilarious video where muslim bakeries REFUSED to make cakes for his gay wedding. did the DA ever go after these bakeries? no of course not. now, anyone whose seen me post on here knows my militant atheist street cred, so i’m not going to cry about xtian persecution. but it is pretty obvious that SJWs go around asking for cakes from christians who they know will refuse so they can cry persecution and make a big scene. Why don’t they go around calling out muslim bakeries? oh right because criticizing islam is islamaphobic. seems pretty clear that the laws are not enforced evenly. kind of like how hilary breached security protocol having her own email server, and the latest report even showed that they found leaked hilary emails on anthony weiners laptop but nothing came of it.

i dont watch alex jones, he seems entertaining, but why exactly did he get banned? why did he get banned and not cenk? cenk is also fat and abrasive and spews SJW propaganda. why did one get banned and not the other? its pretty clear conservatives get de monetized on youtube for random reasons whereas the left wing communist supporters do not. sure nazism is a bad ideology. well communism is just as murderous.

i’m ok with alex jones getting banned if the shrill feminazi sjw channels get banned as well. and if the DA shuts down muslim bakeries for discrimination. otherwise its just random enforcement of laws. which is one of many reasons why people hate hilary. what she did with the emails was illegal. and then deleting emails when they were subpoenaed? lol. people have gone to jail for lesser violations.

oh i think some people posted articles about how dump is going after legal immigration? yah fuck him, but that doesn’t change my stance on immigration. stop giving favoritism to illegals. let people who are actually fucking working and contributing to the country get their h1b. obviously a lot of nazis want to stop all immigration of non whites. fuck nazis. nobody likes nazis. but as long as SJW continue doing dumb shit like calling aziz ansari a rapist for getting a blowjob, dump and non PC people will continue to kill it in elections. fuck communists!


Those agencies all serve different purposes: look it up. You should have been taught this in 8th grade civics classes.

Hillary’s emails are always relevant. Great point.

I’m unclear what random enforcement of laws you’re referring to. Given that Republicans hold every goddamned rein of power, you’re unclear what you’re referring to as well. They tarred her and tried to pin her to the wall for years. She’s clearly the greatest criminal mastermind that ever existed and also completely incompetent. Sigh.


It was all the islamaphobia and homophobia

The fearmongering is a better way to get him banned.

Under oath he swore he was a performance artist

Yet his followers continued to threaten survivors of mass shootings


I’m surprised you’re defending the tangled mess of agencies. I googled “US intelligence agency overlap” and came up with a lot of results off the bat.

NBC news citing liberal wapo:

and apparently there’s actually 17 agencies!?!?!? fucking disgusting. proving my point about bureaucracy bloating like a bacteria

when a government creates an agency, its just a matter of time before even more agencies are created, each with conflicting and overlapping responsibilities, causing more problems, church, and waste of taxpayer money as time goes on.

example of churn and conflict:

The email server was illegal. People have gone to jail for less. Deleting subpoenaed emails im not sure if its illegal, but if not it sounds sketchy as fuck. You worked at microsoft. If you emailed company correspondence or source code to your own email address, that’s a fireable offense. That’s the first thing all companies hammer home in the week 1 security videos. you just don’t conduct company business on your own private email. now imagine this is the government and youre conducting work via your personal email address. i dunno what else to say

alex jones

the article doesn’t actual have the content of the “hate speech”. everything in todays hyper sensitive environment is hate speech. “there are only 2 genders” and refusing to call someone by their preferred pronoun gets people triggered. so does anyone have the transcript?


islmaphobia is not a thing. christianity gets criticized and attacked all the time, which is fine, but criticize islam and all of a sudden its islamaphobia???


when you draw cartoons of muhammed, theres a good chance angry muslim terrorists will come and murder you. most islam countries are run by religious fundamentalists that lack basic human rights. its muslim extremists that are dominating airtime by beheading people live. isis is doing horrible things. these are facts, not phobias.

i dont get why the left is so willing to criticize christian bible thumpers (and rightfully so) but islam is off limits.


I didn’t “defend a tangled mess of agencies”. You brought up CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS, which have pretty well defined roles. Maybe you can consolidate agency WQRP into SPRTACO: I don’t know and didn’t say a word about the “all agencies ever” subject because you didn’t bring it up until afterwards.

The government is generally going to be a sprawling behemoth, yes. Turns out taking care of the country is not simple. People proposing simple solutions are generally either idiots or deliberately ignoring huge areas of the discussion.

  • citation needed

You were allowed to use personal email so long as you follow email retention rules. Fuck off with your revisionist bullshit. The Republicans are in complete control of this country: if you know how they can arrest Hillary for being the NIGHTMARE DEMON WOMAN she is, let them know and they will glorify you. Until then, I’m going to presume you’re either ignorant or trolling here. There’s way more actually going on in the current country than regurgitating birther, sorry, Hillary Is The Devil talking points.

Are you asking in good faith where you can find an instance of where Alex Jones used hate speech or violated the TOS? Two seconds:
If you want further details, go look them up, it’s not hard.

Be interesting to take about what’s going on in the country. Be interesting when Hillary dies and people can stop pivoting to BUT HER EMAILS any time something interesting is going on in the world.

Speaking of which… Manafort verdict this week??? Whoa.


It’s fun to watch some people get so angry while they cling oh so desperately to their ideology while they watch it crumble around them…


So peoples thoughts that within a week the N-word tape is real and actually comes out? Sadly if its true then Trumps approval will go up within his base I bet.


I’ll believe it when I see it. But then again - I don’t feel like it’ll actually matter. The people that are thinking about voting Trump probably won’t change their minds off of this. And if Republicans are in charge, it’s not like anybody will censure the Prez.

The only real shot the rationals have is by ensuring that as many people as possible vote. And probably also never talking about gun control or other lightning rods that the right rallies around. #pragmatism


The people voting for Trump in 2020 are not thinking - full stop.

If they aren’t a different species it is not for lack of being specious.