American Hori Tekken 5 Joystick Mounting plate Screw size


It seems that 2 of the screws for my american hori tekken 5 stick that are used to mount the joystick to the metal plates on the inside have lost some of their threading and as a result wont tighten down. anyone know where i could buy some replacements and whats the size of them?


There are lots of screws in that joystick…
Which ones are you talking about? Baseplate screws, the joystick screws that hold it onto the faceplate?

IF you lost baseplate screws be aware that Lowes and Home Depot only stock M4-size screws which are much bigger than the Tekken 5 baseplate screws which are HRAP-style screws.

The Tekken 5 joystick, whether we’re talking the American version OR Japanese edition, uses an HRAP 1-3 style joystick case. Aside from soldered pushbuttons, a simplified PCB that does not have Turbo fire features, and a difference in joystick in the case of the American T5 joystick {which uses an awful Hori OEM control lever}, they are virtually identical in most aspects of build to the official HRAP 1-3 brandline. They just used Hori OEM parts to reduce cost of manufacturing and make the most of a Namco game license.

The HRAP/T5 baseplate screws are probably on the order of M3 or M2-size screws.
They’re almost certainly metric screws because that’s what the Japanese use in their arcade parts. Most small electronics, period, stick with metric-sized hardware.
IF you’re speaking of joystick lever screws that secure the lever onto the faceplate, that depends on whether you have the American or Japanese Tekken 5 joystick. The Japanese Tekken 5 joystick uses a JLF control lever which installs with M4-size screws. Those you can get in a hardware store. The more generic American T5 joystick uses an OEM Hori part control lever that I think installs with smaller screws which are NOT the same the screws used to install the JLF.

My suggestion short of freaking out –
take one of the examples of the screw you’re talking about here (and again, you’re too vague so I don’t know exactly what it is you’re looking for), bag it in a mini Zip-lock bag to keep from losing it, and take it to a local hardware store – Ace or Tru Value Hardware. If you’re lucky, there’ll be an employee there who can find replacement screws for you within 5 minutes IF you have that sample screw with you. Don’t waste your time at Home Depot or Lowes because they do not stock screws smaller than M4-size.

M4= 4mm diameter
M3= 3mm diameter
Pitch size for a lot of screws is 0.5… that mean 0.5mm separation/gap between screw threads
The largest pitch size any screw on the T5 joystick uses might be 0.75 but I really don’t know otherwise. It’s been years since I had anything to do with buying new screws for that style joystick base. I had to get replacements for mounting bracket screws because the threads in many Hori joystick mounting brackets are just awful and tend to chew the screw threads away when you need to remove and re-install control levers. That’s the worst recurring quality issue I’ve encountered on Hori joystick bases…


Damn man my bad for not being specific. i was in a hurry when i was typing the description but any way i have the american hori tekken 5 stick and the screws im talking about are for the baseplate. i mounted a jlf in it a while back using the drilling through the jlf’s plastic gate method and somehow over the years 2 screws lost their threads near the end of the screws. I was thinking that maybe if there was a way to lower the plastic gates thickness it would allow the screws to go in enough to catch the threads that are not worn down further up on the screws but ill go to those hardware stores you mentioned and try to find the screws. im gonna update the title and description.


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If you’ve already got a jlf in there, then you’ll just need some M3 screws. Technically they should be bolts, but screws will work as well.


you’re not gonna find those screws easily, them being long and very specific length.

you can try the alternate (the better one) method of mounting JLF on there. the one that doesnt pass through the gate at all but through the main body. and you can find screw lengths that are easier to find at ACE/etc.

yes i know its not a hori T5, but its the same idea, and it will work. this is what i did to mine before. this allows you to use a screw thats easier to find, with a better length that has more threading going in the mounting bracket. you will have to modify the body a little bit as to counter sink the screws and not bother the microswitches.

**if you dont wanna do that you can alternatively countersink the holes you already made on the jlf gate, this allows the screws to go in more giving you more screw threading that goes in the bracket. just like you said.


I never heard of this method but ill give it a try. any idea what length screws and what tool i need to counter sink the holes?


just to give you an idea:

the one on the left are the stock screws which i think are the one you’re referring to.

note that these are not M3/M4/Metric, obviously because of the threading pattern/spacing, i forgot the exact digits though sorry… just like they said before go to a hardware store with the stock screws in hand and just compare it etc.

good way to counter sink are countersink drill bits ofc, but if you dont have them, you can manually scrape it with an exacto/ tiny rasp/file, or use a a pointed dremel sanding stone bit thing… etc.