American Idol

K, the new season is on and whoahhhhh there is some hot jailbait ass on right now…she’s legal in some states I guess (16). She’s thru to hollywood, NICE. The name is Arianna, which is always a hot name anyway (I’ve never seen an ugly Arianna)

The girl with the tattoos and brightly colored hair at the start of the show was cute too, but I still hate tattoos.

*new judge is a major sexpot as well.

*some dude that’s on in the next segment has the deepest voice I’ve ever heard in life. The voice is so low it actually sounds like it’s retarded AND digitally slowed down to be even deeper! Amazing. This show is so funny…they just had a guy on with some of the most ridiculous , goofy little dances…and it looked like he had a CURL. :rofl:

One broad in the next segment just has a 2piece bikini on and she’s looking quite delicious. This show has it all.

True true. Only problem is, we gotta listen to some of these no-talent motherfuckas try to sing. :annoy:

Oh yes here’s another nice little piece of jailbait…Kara(*with that silly ass pink cowboy hat on) is WAY too cute to only be 16. GREAT legs, adorable face, good rack…cute laugh…oh yeah she’s good to go.

wow, and they follow her up with another cute piece of ass…this one with dark hair. Her name is “Stevie Wright”…haha, she’s only 16 as well. Ah, she did well…

Sounds like Somebody enjoys his Jailbait. :coffee:

Oh my god did you guys see that wonderful, wonderful white ass just now?! :sweat: Like Bison sayssss THIS IS DELICIOUS!

Kara claimed she wasn’t in hate mode but we all know the truth. It’s written all over her face like that old RnB song from the early 90s.

Butt…did you see that gorgeous white ass jigglin’? Jigglin’ and poppin’ all over my tv screen…this season is already off to a good start in the TnA department.

lol million. :rofl: imma watch after the auditions. i hate listening to crappy singers.

Personally I can’t stand American Idol, It’s not like any of them go on to be successful anyways.

Kelly, Ruben, Fantasia, Carrie, Taylor, Jordan, and David have all failed in the music Industry. I feel sorry for these people personally. Yeah they do have talent I’ll give them that. But what are all of them doing now? Not much from what I’ve heard. I hated being forced to watch this shit with my family. blech.

But to each their own.

I loved that bikini girl and she could sing too

Too bad she has an ego, that’s a major turn off for me.

daughtry is doing well last time i heard. and carrie is okay too.

watched it with my sister and we could not stop laughing about that overly creepy emo kid trying to sing Carrie Underwood. Simon’s like- i can’t understand what the fuck you’re saying.
and then he hyperventilated and ate a banana.

What constitutes failure to you? Not trying to pick a fight with you because I don’t listen to any of their music either, but the ones I’ve bolded have sold a hefty set of units. I know that at the very least Carrie still means something in the country ranks.

…Now Taylor? THAT’s a failure. Not even cracking a million in sales and then getting dropped from the label? Yeah, epic fail.

i fucking hate bikini girl. i’m going to seriously laugh when her own ego crushes her. she had a little cute butt, but nothing great. she had an ego not represented by her own looks. fuck her, i hope she get thrown into a wood chipper.

deep voice dude had me crying. i’ll be doing that voice for a while.

only person i’m interested in at this point is blind boy.

it will never get better than the i am your brother guy

i hear they are going to cut down on the number of “stupid” auditions this year, but they didn’t seem to last night.

Damn i missed it…

I dunno about yall, but the only part of American Idol I like is this part - the Tryouts… Where they have really REALLY bad people come up, sing, and then pout like a bunch of whiney motherfuckers when they get shot down.

Once they get into the real competition I tune out.

Failure to me means, Not having a consistent and large ENOUGH fan basis. But then again underground music is some of the best stuff ever too. But with all the free press these people got they should have done WAYYYYYY better than what they have/are.

i don’t think anyone could ever ask to do much better than carrie underwood…people spend their entire lives trying to reach half the audience she does. maybe some of the others aren’t great, but carrie has owned up the charts, owned up sales and is very popular in the country community, which is one of the largest musical communities in america…if not the biggest…

ok, so some actual talent on last nights show. i can already see a few people who will be making it pretty far in the hollywood round. the guy who lost his wife had a great voice, the kid who did michael jackson was very good and that last girl with the 3 kids, she had a good voice too.

so, kara is too new to assign any trend to her, but i’ve noticed the following trends with the jduges over the years:

simon: LOVES big black girls. have you ever noticed how nice he is and how much he psuedo-flirts with larger black girls? i think he has a thing for them…

randy: loves white rocker chicks.

paula: she just likes any young, attractive guy.