American Idol

Kara, although this isn’t really a trend, definitely likes the personality of the performer rather than strictly the vocals. I mean, the other judges like personality too, but it seemed last night Kara was really about the personality and the performance/vocals was an afterthought.


Man I gotta Tivo fox now just to watch it. Like I said to you a couple of months ago: I will take your word on hot female ass in a minute because your taste is superb. All hail our Rich Dirty Uncle Million.

LOL me too…I cant get into it after the scrubs get tossed out.

i ahve to admit, i like kara a lot. she’s got that cute thing going for her, and she’s honest without being the tool that randy has become. simon’s dickishness is predictable…he’ll come up with some silly analogy like “you sound likea cat aflling off the roof” to insult someone, while randy will just be cruel sometimes.

Sometimes Simon spouts comedic gold, other times you can tell he’s trying too hard. One thing I’ve noticed is that if the performer is a bad singer, but is really nice/genuine, Simon won’t really say anything mean. It’s when the performer is obviously there for screen time or is delusionally egotistical, etc that Simon gets really, really nasty. Seems fair to me.

i agree. honestly, this being the 8th season, no way people don’t know the deal when it comes to idol…they know what calibur of singer is needed, they just want their 2 minutes of fame and humiliation…

The only one out of them who "failed was Taylor. From what you’ve heard? You must be too poor to own a radio since Kelly, Fantasia, Carrie, Jordan, and David have been all over it for the past couple of years. Not to mention videos. They’re not failures, you’re just hella ignorant.

Yes, I did! I’d love to hit that any day of the week! She’s just started a MySpace page. I hope to be her first friend.:lovin:

I noticed that a lot of the winners from Phoenix weren’t even 18 years old. WoW!

Lil Rounds from Memphis, TN was looking really good last night as well.

This is going to be a great season!!!

Who was that babe in the bikini that kissed Secrest? Girl was smokin’ and it was great seeing Paula flip out at her dissing the other female judge. I’m with white shadow, though. Her ego has gotta go.

I have to concur with ADAM WARLOCK. Taylor Hicks is the only one who has “failed”. The only thing I remember about him was a commercial he did after he won a few years ago. Kelly Clarkson has like 3 albums out now. Rubin’s has I believe two (Hell! His first album went double platinum in less than 3 weeks!). Phantasia has done pretty well with her career. Carrie is talked about all over in the country music industry. Jordan has been to how many awards ceremonies!? David is just getting started.

Hell! Even Clay Aiken is doing pretty well!

I will concur with WHITE SHADOW about Katrina Darrell’s ego. It is a bit arrogant & I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t make it past the 2nd round. But even if she doesn’t, she still would have won. There were so many reporters interviewing her after she got her yellow ticket that I don’t see her just going away. She now got her 15 minutes of fame. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her in a commercial or even a rap video.

Guaranteed she may not win American Idol, but we will not see the last of her.

She did kinda’ come off as a nut in the beginning claiming Seacrest was going to be her babies’ daddy & she already had names chosen for them. I always did say that Seacrest is an overpaid wus. He definitely showed that on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve.

I liked the way Simon dissed one guy. "You sound like a cat that jumped off the Empire State building and how he would sound before he hit the floor."
Where does he come up with this stuff. He should be writing rap songs!

Hate all you want, but you have to give them their due credit. They’ve done pretty good with their free press.

Kelly and Carrie have both won multiple Grammys. Daughtry has been nominated. Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar (she probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity without AI). Many of the others a platinum selling artists just based on the show alone.

They were nobodies before. They are all rich and able to live their dream jobs now. Don’t feel sorry for them.

hes not hating he is just being ignorant…

im outi


cheh, my honey Carrie also has a couple of apparent endorsement deals going in for even more cashflow…she’s been on those stupid DS commercials for quite awhile now…looking oh-so-cute in the one for Mario Kart DS. (Carrie: "…gettin’ your butt kicked, that’s what’s goin’ on" <–said in such a lovely southern belle voice. There are so many fun, naughty things I’d love to do with that girl.) I also don’t pay much attention to the country music scene (heh, even though my city is practically the mecca of country music–Nashville!), but yeah…Carrie and Kelly Pickler seem to have been on fire in the past couple of years, at least in that genre of pop-country. OHHH and did you see her in the commercial where she sang to a horse? I wish I were that horse at least for that moment. haha, I bet the horse was getting a super-boner too. Everything about her is lovely.

*whoah wouldn’t it be great to see Carrie & Kelly in some lesbo scene? I’d need that footage in my possession immediately. Kelly’s ass improved TREMENDOUSLY over the years. She was kind of scrawny when she was an Am.Idol contestant, then after the show—BOOM All this gorgeous, juicy country ass just popped out of nowhere, like she went thru another puberty stage or something. It was funny when she came back to perform, and Seacrest actually snuck in a little pervy comment—"My how you’ve grown…(*likely referring to the Ass AND those new titties she apparently purchased)"haha, and it seemed like no one picked up on that.

I’m still surprise Taylor Hicks actually won his season. He was the hick/FORD-pick-up truck looking version of Jay Leno.

heh, anyone see that clip of the skinny gay black dude with the dreds already getting the diva attitude? In Hollywood auditions, he apparently storms off the stage at one point saying “yall are TERRIBLE judges.” or something like that. Yeahhhh, that’s not really a wise thing to do, dumbass. I’m surprised he even made the cut in the first place. I was ready for Paula to play nice while the other 3 ripped him to shreds, but no…he somehow got the yellow ticket. He must have made a deal with Satan. I can’t even remember how he sounded exactly, but it definitely wasn’t good.

I remember that guy MILLION. He wasn’t really all that great, but somewhat okay. Simon did say “No”, but the other 3 said “Yes”. What got me fucked up was his begging Randy to send him to the next round. With most contestants that wouldn’t have worked. He never should have told Simon that he had a dream of him. That’s the type of stuff that stalkers like to say. Paula of all people should know.

I’m just glad to see that not a whole lot of crazy people came out to the auditions like they did last year in Philly. But then again, they only went to 2 cities so far.

What was up with the guy with those 2 cheerleaders? When he failed they were both crying!

Wow! Last night they were in San Francisco & only 11 people were welcomed to Hollywood. There was ever a couple that got engaged outside the place (a straight one at that!).

Tatiana Del Toro (from the P to the R!) was a nice spicy chick with good vocals, but way too dramatic. Plus, her laugh for some reason iritates me.

What was up with the black chick that came in with the anatomy paperwork on the human trachea (which she kept mispronouncing)? She seemed like she was drunk and somewhat mad at the whole world when she was rejected. Plus, she was making up words that don’t exist in the lexicon.

What’s up with the guy wearing that heavy plaid coat?

The guy Kai was a pretty good singer as well. I could see him going to the 3rd round. Nice story about the special relationship he has with his mother.

Tonight they’re going to Church Falls, Kentucky. Let’s see how this turns out for them.

that chicks laugh was the fakest, most annoying thing ever. she gets thrown in the wood chipper with bikini hoe. i don’t know what annoys me more, her laugh or bikini girl’s ego. btw, anyone notice bikini girl kept her hair over her “tits” during the audition? she’s flatter than a four year old asian girl…

I’ve seen her picture on MySpace ANGRYLIBERAL. She has at least 3 pages including her pic on American Idol. She does have a body that most women would kill to have.

Personally, I think Paula & Kara are plotting to get rid of her. But regardless she still has gotten her 15 minutes of fame. So in all respects she has still won what she wanted all along. We’ll probably see her again, either in a rap video, maybe a commercial or dating a celebrity like Charlie Sheen.

She would be nice for Playboy… maybe.

no tits = no playboy…

They are because of this…

fucking stupid ass people gotta always be ruining shit for those of us who aren’t crazy and/or stupid as fuck.