American Parts questions


Hey, I have a few questions about American parts, particularly HAPP / IL

  1. Suzo Happ parts are basically trash, right? I had purchased a set of competitions about a year ago and the switches were trash… One broke in a few days, one didn’t respond almost ever, etc… Is this still accurate? I heard around the time of my purchase that they were trash back then, but haven’t heard much since.

  2. Where can I get cherry microswitches, and are they still good?

  3. Is there any vendor that sells IL parts?

  4. - The buttons here: The good HAPP or the bad HAPP?

Thanks in advance.


Don’t buy Happ. Paradise Arcade Shop sells iL buttons. Cherry switches are still good. The individual switches are the same price as the buttons though.


You’re awesome.



Be aware that you’re stuck using Happ/iL parts in MAS stick boxes and the SF Anniversary joystick cases.

There’s little to no point in trying to fit these parts into Japanese cabinets or joystick cases. They’re just not sized for the American-style parts.

Not even going to try convince you to switch one way or the other… people are comfortable with what they’re comfortable with.

The issue now is part availability and exactly what it’s compatible with out-of-the-box without requiring a week’s worth of modding…
You just can’t get an American-style joystick base unless you have it custom-made or buy a used one online. I don’t think anybody’s making them brand-new right now… you can still find unopened MAS stick cases somewhere online.


If he has an existing installation than they are obviously going to fit.:wgrin:

I use iL sticks/buttons in a cab and like them fine. I know we have a crazy bias 'round these parts.


Cool story bro.



My favorite place to find iL-tuned parts would be from RandyT @ GroovyGameGear.

His Arcade Prime and Convex Competition buttons have great response and feel. Very inexpensive, but awesome, iL performance all around. The switches are not Cherry, but a custom-requested design which he specified.

He also does stock Happ Competition and Happ Super Joysticks, where the competition can also be obtained with his special switches preinstalled.

He has yet to disappoint me with his products, and is a solid vendor you can count on. Check him out @


There are a number of other distributors who offer Arcade Prime buttons, they are identical to these:

Other distributors just sell them as Chinese buttons, they don’t offer them a name, but we have ordered and compared, the molds are identical. As far as micro switches go, GGG offers a variety of switches, but the standard set are Zippy switches with the same minimum force ratings available at our store and others. The special switches offered are the same our our Zippy Silent conversion kits.

Randy has good stuff, and I’m not trying to knock his products, but they are available at many places, just not always with the same name.