American style joysticks... Where to find one?

This Wikipedia article ( ) perfectly explains the fact that I perform better in lots of games using American Style joysticks vs the Japanese Style joystick.

The article talks about leverage being key concept in American Joystick design.

The article said Happ was the big US stick maker post-crash, (I also heard it was Wico pre-crash)

The most important thing I need in a joystick is the American “physics philosophy” behind a great joystick. It doesn’t have to be an actual US manuacturer, just American design.

It’s a good thing I have “one joystick to rule them all”. If I didn’t have the “project box reuse philosophy” mentality, I’d have to dig up multiple American Style sticks.

It looks like Suzo-Happ no longer makes the “American style stick”. If Happ no longer makes US Style sticks, who does?


LOL, there no such thing.

It was never American design ether, the old Happ arcade parts were Rebranded IL parts.
IL or Industrias Lorenzo is a company based in Spain, maker of European style parts.

IL Still makes the same Arcade Parts without dropping quality.

Suzo-Happ still makes are Arcade parts, they switch to a Chinese based manufacture using clones of the IL designs, Quality Control and consistency of quality dropped off when Happ ended their relationship with IL.

Whether the origin is Euoroean or American doesn’t matter as much as the fact it is not the Japanese joystick philosophy. The main point is I want a leverage based joystick, with a large neutral zone and helps you avoid unwanted accidental inputs. One that takes large deliberate movements to move.

With a “Japanese style” stick, I have too many accidental diagonals.

Why does it seem like everything I prefer, whether be right-handed joysticks, low lag CRTs, American style joysticks, or the gameplay over graphics mentality on the N64 version of Mortal Kombat Trilogy versus the PlayStation 1, is the minority opinion?

And I swear I’m not trolling or taking an opposite opinion just to show my argumentative skills, like one would at a debate club. I truly believe that this equipment would be better for me and if other people had a chance to use it a decent percentage would prefer it.

I think very few people outside of handicapped people had a vanity joystick (and for handicapped people it’s not a vanity thing, it’s a necessity, as it was for me) made during the Genesis and SNES era.

Some people say silence is consent. if you like things the way they are, you have no reason to complain. When Nintendo says they’ll cancel your warranty if you use an unlicensed joystick, yet the only way you can use a right-handed stick is to use an unlicensed joystick, it sounds like a catch-22.

and the funny thing is Nintendo will allow a sip-and-puff chinstick for kids in the hospital with the NES, but won’t allow right-handed controllers, except one time when, despite Nintendo’s insistence to blocking the controller from a license, Beeshu did get a SuperStick license as well as license for other sticks that were fundamentally not like the NES advantage.

How would they know?

No one really care, you know that right?

You go so far of course on tangents, we don’t even know what you are trying to achieve with your serval dozen threads, all on the same dman topic

It doesn’t matter NOW as far as my NES I concerned. Even if I used all authorized parts and games and accessories, Nintendo will still no longer fix it at any price.

I was talking about the business and cultural practice. Every tool works correctly if you understand the philosophy and purpose of it. Most Americans who never ate Chinese have no idea how to use chopsticks properly. If one both understood the theory and practice the grip and moves, one would be able to understand and do.

Why did most of pre-crash America think right handed American style joysticks were better and Japanese always thought left stick Japanese style was better? It seems there are enough ambi designs in America, almost every generic 2600 stick was ambi but there are few ambi designs in Japan.

Were there Japanese Style sticks in pre-crash America or vice versa? Did THEY tend to be Ambi?

I can only answer one of your questions, you are probably wanting an iL Eurojoystick. That was the best quality joystick that was used back in the 90’s that is still readily available today and simple to wire. You will possibly be able to upgrade it to be like a discontinued Wico Perfect 360 once butteroj Has his clone optical joystick ready which was one of the best “American style“ sticks often used in official Marvel vs. Capcom 2 cabinets.