American Style Sticks (HAPP) VS Japanese Style (Sanwa/Semitsu) Thread


So we all played SF II in the arcade and it had a HAPP Joystick and concave HAPP buttons.

Who still uses American style sticks with the straight button layout and why?

Why do you prefer this to the Japanese style joysticks and buttons?

I see you can still get HAPP sticks from Arcade in a Box and from MAS Systems.

Why does it seem almost everybody uses Japanese style now days?

The MAS Sticks for 360 are here


Not sure, I wish I could just take a SF II cabinet’s control panel and use that as a stick on my PS3, it really is the most comfortable for me. Some people say the stick is too stiff but it’s just perfect for me, I need that stiffness it has to return to the dead zone quickly for dashing and it helps keep my movements under control.

I really really want to try out a perfect 360. I’m so close to ordering one but have no idea how it feels compared to a Happ competition.

My HRAP 3’s Sanwa JLF feels so loose to me. It feels like its going all over the place when I try to do simple moves like a hurricane kick, I’ll end up accidentally jumping backwards.

Hope the spring helps and fixes this, if not I’m going custom with Happ joystick and Seimitsu buttons.


There already is one of these, just have to search back some pages.

EDIT: Found it


Not the same type of thread, this isn’t information about the sticks but more about why you have preference of them.


Maybe I should make this American vs Japanese thread.


We’ve sort of got one of those already, too


Probably going to end bad then. This argument has been beaten around for years and nothing good has ever really come from it.


Where can i get that pic of the Street Fighter roster???


Isn’t that the 15th anniversary stick?


that is the anniversary stick as far as it seems from the pictures.

It is a matter of preference I guess. But I am feeling similar to Pasky. Japanese sticks feel too loose for me. I feel the stick is flying out of my hand almost having hard time to control it, almost all moves come hard to me. I need a very strong and stiff stick, because that is what I am used to play in the arcades. The arcades I grew up playing in, had Happ/Fanta sticks and I am very familiar with them, so I am going for those kind of sticks.

Not saying japanese sticks fail, it just depends on what you are feel comfortable to play with as I said.


The HAPP-Y thread was crazy insightful. Thanks for the link.


theres not much more to say than:

  1. it really comes down to preference, although:

  2. happ/il really sucks in build/party quality compared to japanese manufacturers, especially sanwa

if sanwa would make a stick thats a little larger with the spring as part of the housing, i would it it in a second