Americans at SBO

So there’s a few Americans over in Japan for SBO.

Whenever someone gets any news or results, just post them up here.

Newton 2 on 2 3s Team Tournament

Knit (Yun), Mester (Yun)

KO (Yun), Ohnuki (Chun Li)

Pyrolee (Yun), Frankie3s (Ryu)

Wow! nice

w00t! Go pyro & frankie!

fucking fanboys…

whore that genei and denjin out

SBO 3S Day 1

3rd Strike

1st: Umenuki
Daigo (Ken), Ohnuki (Chun Li)

2nd: Sugu Sore
K.O (Yun), Kokujin (Dudley)

Tied 4th: Futari wa Free Character MAX HEART
Kuroda (Q), Hayao (Hugo)

Tied 4th: Goemon Ikka
Deshi Ken (Ken), Goemon (Yang)

**Team Empire (Justin/Ricky) won the last chance qualifier. They made it to the third round of the main tournament getting top 8. **

Team Divine Rapier (Pyro/Frankie) lost to Issei’s team (Yun/Chun) in top 32.

Team Devil Knit just missed making top 4, losing to team Goemon.


Dogface: According to Buktooth, Justin/ricky made it to the 3rd round of the main tournament which would put them in top 8.

it’s a good thing justin/ricky qualified so we weren’t embarassed in the 3s tournament


Thanks for looking out.


Who did Team Empire use? Chun/Chun?

Both players of your team cant use the same character. I wasnt there but I think Ricky used Ken and Justin Chun Li.

Damn. Props to them for getting that deep in the tourny.

they both had it wrong. they only made it to the 2nd round