Americans Only Watch 17 TV Channels


So yeah, in almost a decade, we’ve almost doubled the amount of channels available, yet people are still only watching 17 fucking channels. Cable companies still claim they can’t lower their bills or offer channels a la carte, because the provider’s will only sell in bundle’s.

So yeah, you can thank ESPN and Fox News for ensuring your cable bill is retardedly high, and for the reason as to why you have a fucking Golf channel.

or you can be smart and just cut the cable, and stream everything online.


I’m one of the idiots paying for DirecTV just so I can subscribe to HBO Go and NFL Ticket. I never watch TV besides the occaisional South Park episode or NBA playoffs. I wish I could pay for channels a la carte, because I don’t need all the bullshit I’m paying for. The worst part? I also have a Netflix account that I actually use daily, and Amazon Prime that I’ve gotten much use out of for the free shipping, not to mention their streaming service.

I’m kinda really pissed off at this right now. I won’t go without NFL Ticket because as a Skins fan who lives in the Northwest and won’t go to bars, I don’t have many other options. I could probably do without HBO Go though, since I have a membership with a local video rental place (yes, they still exist in some places) and they have all the shows I want if I’m willing to wait. Fuck.


17 is a lot of channels tho, I may watch 5 different chans? 4 of them news channels lol. Online stream is the best bet and to perfectly fair, 99% of everything on TV is fucking garbage anyway.


The sole reason for my TV is my PS2/3. I watch not a single damn channel.


Why don’t they list what channels people watch?

And who still watches TV? Torrent for life, bitches. I wouldn’t mind paying for shows without commercials (Netflix or HBOGo) but lol at Hulu Plus saying “Yeah, pay us for this content and we’ll still show you commercials.” Fuck right off.

I watch most shows on my phone, either way.


Netflix and Hulu all day i havent been dictated to watch TV when they say watch it since those options became available…not to mention DVR is standard now a days, so if there is something on primetime TV I find interesting, I record it and forget it and watch it at my own leisure…the only real “TV” i watch are sporting events, and the occasional talk soup show on ESPN about said sports…most TV is mind numbing garbage anywho…I refuse to entertain reality TV…that shit is garbage and I swear its an attributing factor to the average IQ of americans being lowered…


so um 17.5 is a high number (in my opinion) and if its an average, then theres fucktards out there that are glued to like 50 diff chans? wut?


I wouldn’t even have cable if not for my girl wanting to watch crap like Jerry Springer.


We watch 11, including channels we only watch one show on.

Cable is a fucking racket.


Good to see she’s running the show.


This study is flawed. Where’s the accounting for all the dogs that watch DogTV, television for dogs?


Only channel on TV I want to watch is Boomerang.


Ugh. I’d be completely fine cord cutting if it wasn’t for sports. Namely college football. I essentially am forced to pay for a high tier to catch all my favorite team’s games, which blows (damn you Fox Sports). Thankfully Dish Network (maybe others?) allow you to pause your subscription for 9 months out of the year. Still feel shitty about paying $60 a month though :frowning:


Interesting study.
Re: my own family, I agree.
My mom basically watches NBC, Food Network, HGTV.
Dad-CNN, Turner Classic Movies, MSNBC, Military history,

I occasionally watch Fox for Brooklyn 99 and New Girl, but basically youtube/netflix most programs.


I really only have cable still for sports. Fucking someone get on sports streaming already, god damn.


Unlikely to happen. Live events such as sports are some of the only things keeping prospective cord cutters from doing it.


Neilson is dumb and outdated. In an era where every cable box has an internet connection and can phone home statistics, relying on people who agree to have a box in their home to monitor their watching habits is really fucking stupid


Not like they haven’t tried. If I remember correctly they tried to do this only a few years ago but participation dropped hard. People don’t want a box sending their data willy nilly, apparently.


I don’t watch television due to numerous things I can watch on my computer or PS3. I’d be fine with MLB Extra Innings or whatever it’s called if it didn’t blackout local games. I’d like to follow my team but I’d rather not pay for cable.


Only? :rofl:

That a shit load of tv IMO