AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW 2012 "ya'll need to come harder..this is season 20"


So where the dance regulars? Im supporting my home town crew phunk. I know 90% of that crew and practice at the dance school they come from.

-polyswag girls can get it. mmmm.

#2 is definitely in the top while those 10 yr olds are gonna be out next week


My early pick after this week is Request, but there’s still five other crews next week. The kids crew are still up next week along with the pole dancing crew (shoutouts to gimmicks!!!)

Oh… also not digging the superstars theme for this season.


If this is Season of the Superstars, then why the hell are they doing a KeDOLLARSIGNha show? Fk outta here.

#5, and Street Kingdom since i’ve followed them for years. im prett good at Krump and poppin so those 2 crews fit me. and MA^ lol


Needs more Supercr3w, son.


i think they meant music wise.


This week’s opening performance is up: Ep. 2 | Sneak Peek | Video | MTV


episode 2 is looking alot more interesting then episode 1.
anyways im rooting for instant noodles.


Shoutouts to gimmicks!!! The pole dancing crew = fail!!! Dem Iconic Boyz… hope they can go deep in the comp. I can also see Instant Noodles going out early too.


Gooo ReQuest!!


If you follow krump then you know wtf is going on on KK huh? lol.


im kinda surprised to see instant noodles…didnt think they were the kinda crew to be on this show. lol.


Wow, I found myself fast-forwarding and going through the motion everytime I see a bboy group up on stage. That shit is stale as fuck. After 5 seasons, you would think the ABDC floor would be clean, but theres always these mothafuckin’ janitor bboys coming back and moppin’ the floor.

I’m all about DAT KRUMP crew. Let something different win for once, instead of these gymnast-rejects who act like they TAPOUT hard because they can do flares. Gtfo here with that bboy attitude. Shit is clownish.


lol the thread troll finally makes himself known.


This might be the last season (or next to the last). I heard next to NOTHING about it, and I do watch MTV for a couple of shows.


I have a feeling that Request is going to be bottom 2 every week till they’re out because of the voting, which sucks. Phunk definitely looks like the crew to beat now.


What the fuckshit is this?? What the hell is the point of having a** judge that looks up to a contestant?**

Street Kingdom sucked, but D-Trix’s ass kissing saved them. Either than, or maybe I just don’t understand krump. Granted, I did agree with him on Iconic Boyz, but Jesus Christ.


lol dtrix went fuckin in on those kids hahaha. but truth be told their are a ton of kid hip hop crews and iconic couldnt hold their lil pint sized jock straps. hell even phunk has a group of kids who have won at wod.

dtrix wasnt kissin up to street kingdom, their style allows them to express their frustrations so much more than bboyin or alot of dances do. If you really think about it…when you really made…you should it in your face in bboyin…but its so much harder to do it movement wise outside of throwin a stupid burn like the cock. that said…i think street kingdom is wack. ive seen way better krumpers and for a crew claimin to be the originators…which is up for debate…their pretty wack.

excuse me while i dance for joy cause boston is takin that title. my homie bebo is bringin it home.


I haven’t watched a single ep all season yet. There is just nothing that connects or pulls me in for this season. Doesn’t help you have a bunch of little Justin Beiber running around.