America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 - Begins January 28 at 10pm


Last season was terrible. Sorry, it had to be said. I’m hoping for better, but I already see some gimmick crews in the mix.

I know Swagger Crew and Blueprint. They’re both pretty dope, Swagger Crew has a real dirty south/street vibe, but they’re really dope dancers. Blueprint: the girls are beautiful and they’re really good dancers as well. I’m not sure if their roster changed, but they’re really clean dancers.

BOOOOOO. E-knock and some other dude from Status Quo are in here again. After losing ABDC and America’s Got Talent, they’re trying again with a new crew.

A clogging/hip hop crew, a jump roping crew, a “plus size” crew, and two crews that have admittedly learned most of their dancing off of internet/music videos…

Never change, MTV.


Wow wtf, a Providence crew? Hope they are good… Any vids of them?


I’ve never heard of Static Noyze, i hope they dont disappoint me and ruin Boston’s image like Status Quo did.


Last season was ass, I really hope this season isn’t full of gimmicky crews just full of crews who dance really well


Unless you haven’t heard already, Omarion is replacing Shane this season. :rofl: Grrrrrreat. hahaha

EDIT: Montreal? When did they change the title to North America’s Best Dance Crew?


WTF replacing Shane!?! They should be replacing lil mama!


Shane got busted for child molestation or something like that.

Anyway, Poreotics is in this. I don’t wanna root for them because I think they’re corny as fuck, but if nobody else is good then there’s no choice. I always side with the popping crews.


seriously, what the hell? based on those crew bios I expect failure for this season.


oh fucking lord. every new england crew sounds lame. lol. we’re getting wiped out early.


This past season was lame, I agree. I hope MTV learned.

Wait, what ratings did season 4 get? They might go gimmick again if the ratings were high.


Thank god no big name shitty B-boy groups doing the same repetitive shit every year for maxx to cock-slob on.

On the other hand, Status Quo is back. This season never had a chance.



Poreotix is my City.

I’ve seen them.
And know of the guys.

Vinh known as Dumbo.
Last time I saw him, he was working in Vans at the Mall.

Dumbo is still with SickStep.

Here some videos.


I’d like to eat hiroka mcrae out while she tuts, is that a fucking lil ma moment or what?


Interesting they are doing these regional shows 1st to make the season a little longer. I will still give this season a shot if some are pretty good.


Ugh…I really hate regional type shows because they feel so drawn out.


so apparently i know someone in legendary 7. A bboy named junyahh is on that squad. he’s pretty good bboy…havent seen him in a while though since he’s been focused on doing the hip hop choreo this year. last time i saw him was for his bday party in providence during the summer.


BreakEFX is gonna win.


i dont care if they win or not…i just want them hot bitches to be in skimpy ass clothing all the fucking time.


the south teams.

this shit was hella lame.

all those teams don’t deserved to be on there