America's Debt Problem Goes To The FED


The USA is about “17 Trillion” in debt and the spending continues. It seems people of this nation would have taken some stand to stop the spending. That has yet to happen due to the media swaying people away from whats going on.

Trends Journal Researcher Gerald Celente says (The USA is headed into a economic 9/11). Gerald was one of the individuals who predicted the 2008 crash which was broadcast on Fox Buisness.

One major problem I believe to be wrong with this damn country is the FED.

Let just start with the Federal Reserve since they are blood sucking leeches to any nation, but I’ll just speak on America behalf. The Federal Reserve System was established by President Woodrow Wilson in 1913. The premise used by President Wilson and his financial advisors for the establishment of the Federal Reserve System was to “supplant the dictatorship of the private banking institutions” and “to stabilize the inflexibility of national bank note supplies”. The previous system of banking was “feudal” in nature, in which private bankers control communities and could issue their own bank notes. They had little regulations concerning reserve assets and loan policies. Banking was a patch-quilt of institutions scattered across the face of the nation with no central policy. Now the FED was around way before 1913 and our Presidents did their best to keep it away from our nation, but as of today they failed.

With the advent of the Federal Reserve a new currency was issued - Federal Reserve notes, which at the time were based on the gold standard. The Federal Reserve was to unite and supevise the entire banking system, control the expansion or contraction of currency, and regulate the flow of money to the commercial banks through the establishment of 12 Federal Reserve Banks. The Federal Reserve is controlled by private banking interest and by Presidential appointment - but it is still a private organization and not a government entity. In 1913, President Wilson’s creation of the Federal Reserve System established a three-tier monetary system in the United States - the holders of money (public, government, business and institutions; the commercial banks that borrow from the public and issue loans; and the central bank or Federal Reserve that has a monopoly on the issuing of money. The Federal Reserve is technically owned by the commercial banks.

This Is A Cute And Factual Cartoon About FED.


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good article otherwise.

media is deceptive.

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murica better deal with dept, whatever that might be :stuck_out_tongue:


as long as no one will accept money taken out of their own pocket to help pay back the debt it will never be fixed

so it will never be fixed


What government department is in trouble?

Judging by your spelling I assume it’s the educational one.


How to fix it? Go tell em to go fuck themselves and refuse to provide a cent in taxes to the government unless they refuse to do business with the fed.

The question is, who has the balls to do that?



Agreed, stand up for less departments in government.


See, the problems with the government stem from the Department of Motor Vehicles.


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basically it’s theft from future generations. we want to maintain an unrealistic standard of living, so we’ll kick the bill down the road for our children and grandchildren to worry about.

i blame the baby boomers, and democracy. democracy sucks when it comes to self control and frugality and fiscal responsibility. nothing is more popular than benefits, money, and social programs - and politicians who try to cut back in their electorate will be eviscerated. it’s unfortunate but it happens to every great empire/nation, ever. we won’t be the exception.


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