America's Most Miserable Cities 2010


Michigan takes two spots in the top 5…SMH



Mandatory for this thread. But I’m shocked Florence didn’t make it, myself.


I knew Detriot was going to be on that list. I mean they got guys like this:


Detroit is a few crimes away from deploying Robocop.


i think the taxes thing is bullshit. paying higher taxes doesnt automatically mean more misery. it generally means much less, since you have good roads, parks, police and fire, libraries, and other services.


Detroit doesn’t have supermarkets.



Because, of course, all tax revenue is spent efficiently and for the good of all citizens.


HA! I knew Memphis would score a high rank! See, whenever it’s something negative…my assumptions/predictions are correct most of the time. Memphis is a rotting corpse ass that has been out in the sun for a few days…with a plate of stale bread and moldy cheese served on the side.

…and most of the women are ugly, and super ghettofabulous…like that movie B.A.P.S. for real…except Halle still manages to be hot despite that ridiculous character she was playing.


When high taxes is coupled with political corruption things get messy.


That article lied. Cleveland is #1 because LeBron James is going to NY next year.


Where is Seattle, Washington?


On the besy city in the universe list. :coffe:


Dammit I can’t edit post on mobile browser… Such fail…


So basically…the Midwest is the most miserable place to reside in.


Isn’t Mystic from Stockton? Theft is a crime, right?


I knew stockton would be on there. that place is grimey as hell.


Oh my god, I’m in tears!




yeah same here :rofl: I also had a feeling detriot would be on the list.


As I went from city to city, I was thinking “this list is complete bullshit” until lo and behold, there it was at #20, Philly. Should be higher on the list though.