America's New Threat

Taliban training monkeys to kill US soldiers

LMFAO, I am picturing that [media=youtube]aNh3Wvu0_LM[/media] from teh simpsons, and wondering why the fuck the National Enquirer isn’t all over this.

Don’t worry, the Epidemic can appearently fight off pissed off monkeys.

I was fully expecting this to be an Onion News story :rofl:

What’s next? A real Sniper Wolf?


I thought it was gonna be Canada.

Bears are the #1 threat to America.

Bears are the old threat. This thread is about the NEW threat, which is Canada (though Canada still isn’t as threatening as bears).

canada HAS bears

Canadian Bears are the#1 threat to America.


America always needs a new threat.

gotta keep them skills sharp otherwise they go to waste

America’s new threat is pretty damn old, already here, and biding it’s time and building bunkers/victory monuments-er, cultural centers. Look at Europe. That’s us in 4-10 years. There will be warning signs as things start to head that way.