America's School Shooting Tour: Fresh(man) Prince Edition


(Or “America’s School Shooting Tour: Geronimo! Edition” since you know someone, somewhere, was going to make this a racial thing anyway. I’m just being preemptive.)

Yes, there’s been another school shooting in America. Yes, shocking, I know.

I’m really tempted to just make a general thread for shit like this, but given these types of threads inevitably devolve into having tired stupidity that has to be closed…yeah. Anyway, here’s the info:

The only “good” things about this is that a) the guy killed himself, b) the guy “only” killed one other person (so far) and c) the news can’t use the “loners are freaks” narrative they tend to do and as they’re doing with the current terrorist situation. Maybe they’ll blame it on bad parenting for once, if only because he’s not white.

Athena knows nothing else constructive is about to actually happen because of this given fuck-all happened after the Sandy Hook shooting and the more recent rampage in southern California.


According to another news outlet, every shot was a headshot. This lil nigga knew how to handle a gun, b. I’m actually impressed. Saddened and impressed.


another shooting? I’m not impressed…