I’ve been playing El’Fuerte casually since SF4’s original release. I’ve only just started getting into the arcade/tornement scene and have therefore started getting more technical with the game mechanics. Anyhow, I wanted to share a match I played at a recent Australian tornement (Shadowloo Showdown) and 3 consecutive matches from my session last night. Any comments/criticisms would be appreciated.

I cannot get the god damn RSF down. I’ve been practicing ever since I upgraded my Arcade stick, but I’m still unable to get past the 2nd rep. I’ve read the threads on here and watched tutorial videos, I think it’ll just be a matter of stumbling onto the right tempo in my own time.



not trying ta flame ya, bu be sure to ost this stuff in the Video thead.

That being said I can understand your struggles with RSF. I’ve been playing Fuerte since Vanilla and only got my first 3 hitter last week. Keep at it, if I can do it, I’m damn sure everyone can. I did my first one on Abel in training mode. Just keep at it, constant practice leads to consistency.

try the following:

vs Sakura:
Random Psychic Guac. Bad
you jumped off the wall and attacked twice in a row.
do Q-bomb meatier for Sakura’s ultra in order to force a trade.
too much wall bounce.
I have a habit of doing full screen slides. That stuff will get you killed vs anyone that knows what they’re doing.
use more normals 5:13 was you first landed normal. an Air throw
At 5:30 you landed your second normal, a Jumping HP that I feel was probably an attempt at Fajita Buster.

2nd vid
first match
[]you know… focus xx forward dash might have some uses at the right distance against certain characters…
]never raw Focus on DP characters…
[]Hate mail recieved. EXCELLENT!! “GoodGoodLetTheButthurtFlowThroughYou.JPEG”

ChunLi match
[]You got a focus blocked but you dash forward and jump back. when Chun was scared. get in there, kill the clock with some crLP, maybe throw in an overhead in during the jabs and see how she reacts. don’t let them off the hook.
]4:32 prime example of stickin’ some jabs.
[]Habit: after EVERY ex run through fireball you slide. good if you do it as a punish but alot of those times the opponent was safe and simply blocked poorly. you want to PUNISH the fireball not score a knockdown because they didnt guess correctly. doing so will make them understand that they can’t get away with that crap, then they stop doing it, then you REALLY start gettin’ in them cheeks.
]get closer for your mixups. see if you can bait a dp
[]You don’t have to attack after every wall jump, control the distance, see what do
]9:00 well placed anti air Ultra.
[]9:54 hmmmm slide went under rush punch… interesting
]Yun gave you the match at the end. Good jorb for taking it.

If I can get 8 hits of RSF with a pad, you guys should get it down in no time with enough practice. Don’t just rely on sound when you’re leaning RSF; the rhythm does help, but you have to watch Elf as well, so you can tell by animation when you need to cancel the run, or if the next hit is going to whiff.

As for your matches: I skipped the Elf mirror because you can’t learn anything from that. :stuck_out_tongue: As for the Oni match, I liked your movement in the match, but I think you wall jump a little too often. Try not to get predictable with that, because it’s probably the easiest jump-in to anti-air in the game. Also, most of the time you sat waiting for a DP after you knocked him down, which can be a good idea, but you’re also letting him out for free if he chooses not to DP. Safe tortilla would be your best option here, and you can punish light DPs with slide, or hard DPs with RSF/Guac. Even run back, stop, focus attack can work to punish DPs. Get him scared to DP and then you can really start pressuring.

Advice is greatly appreciated and noted. It’s comforting to know the RSK will come through practice and repetition. I’ll be sure to post videos in their appropriate thread in the future.