Amingo Threads

Hey can any of you guys help me out by sending or posting the amingo threads. because im really lost with using him in the real game i really want to learn how to play with this guy can anyone help please thanks:D

how to play amingo in real matches? well there’s not much you can do…
when I play him, I abuse his jumping fierces (high priority) and try to always have some green lil things (qcf+k) to annoy my opponent, when you have an oppotunity to combo do:
launch, magic, qcf+hp, whatever (varies depending on character and timing) sometimes is possible to do magic again… but that’s hard and only on corner
also, you have his infinite (dunno if it’s rollable)
in corner,, qcf+lp, otg,, qcf+lp, WRR

Here’s one. I changed the search bar from within the last whatever days to from the beginning to find it.

Here’s a dirty little secret with Amingo:

if you do tk light dashballs, you can attack before you touch the ground with a single hit hk [this WILL armour pierce BTW] or wait and land a low hit. There’s too little time to react to it. And if they guardpush it solves nothing because you’re passing through them. If they guardpush the ball, you’ll still be at point-blank with them. This simulates the triangle jump effect basically. It helps to pin their ass with Doom or Tron while doing this.

The only reason I don’t use him anymore is because his team dynamics are disasterous. On point he kicks ass once you learn him, but once he’s in the back seat, he’s just a detriment to you.
He’s also a bit trap prone [you can get around that] and runaway vulnerable. He’s also somewhat hit dependent.

He does have alot of positives [Vine super is FAST and can ignite framekills, he has a corner trap with Doom-b, a combo into an assist into vine super into DHCs can kill you in one foul swoop, he deals okay damage, and can confuse better than you think].

Basically, Fight as Amingo as long as you can without losing him, then when he has just a sliver of health left, Framekill or DHC hail off the vine, and get him killed as an assist.

lol…Amingo does not necessarily have to just die, but you were pretty much on the right track. Good info Deathfist. I’m currently summing up basic Amingo play and pointers for the 1st part of my MvC2 project so I’m checking out this old stuff. There is some useful info in the 1st thread as well, but it is closed.