Amingo Unblockable

Even though i’m sure no one pays attention to this section, i’m posting this on the off-chance that atleast 1 person will notice it.

I recently discovered in a match on accident that Amingo has an unblockable(!) When an opponent is jumping at you, or after you knock an opponent down, perform Amingo’s dancing flower super (QCB + PP). As soon as the flower touches the back of the opponent, DHC to any other super. The blocking opponent will get hit and bounce up a bit after the DHC, but will recover rather quickly. DHCing into supers such as Proton Cannon, HSF, Hailstorm, etc, will hit the opponent. Well there ya go, Amingo has an unblockable, and hell has officially frozen over.

If anyone doesn’t understand what I said and would like a short video of the unblockable being done, hit me up on AIM under Mapster007 and i’ll send it to you. Amingo4Life.

hahaha. it doesn’t get much better than that. I’ll look for you on AIM. My aim is headbandedbandit

Nice find!

I remember seeing this in a video but don’t exactly understand how it works. I doubt you still have the vid, but I’ll check you out on AIM regardless.

Thanks for the info. Amingo is my favorite character in the game and I will try this out.