still in progress, but check it out…


p.s. Again, most notable things about the Cact-King would be the following:
-unblockable set-ups on play and on DHC w/ Child of the Ground (grab) for fast overhead
-s.hp and c.hp for ground range, xxSnapback, xxCotG set-ups
-Hp grab for major reset potential
-awesome DHC potential off of s.hp
-sjxxShout of the Wind for mock tri-jump (mingo’ passes THROUGH opponents if timed correctly)
-JotG stunts after a series of c. attacks followed by assist cross-ups
-offensive forward pressure w/ mid-screen or xxj.lpxxSotW

*the link provided shows basic properties of Amingo’s game…will post a vid displaying some of the above

p.s.s. Amingo has no problem pulling off a surprise snapback, but he does have a problem pulling off the assist kill…on his own. I’ve been practicing with various back-up assists in order to keep the opponent’s assist on screen long enough for amingo to get in for the free kill…or DHC into someone who can…

Amingo is definitely fun to play with and i wouldn’t advise sleeping on his anti-jump in hc and his range on his normals, but he’s still a plant :confused:

all these threads with pretty much the same info you post here and you go and start a new one…what a dumb fuck lol