amingo's vine

I’ve been fucking around with this super and it links better than most think: as they fall from it there is plenty of time to connect gief’s 360 pile driver, doom’s photon shot, ect.

Yea, I like this super doesn’t do damage if u DHC but it can setup other supers that u couldn’t setup before, like these examples:
All these are done after the vinesuper:
1)anakaris, hk,lp,down+lk,hp, connects when u dhc
2)anakaris, lp,lp, foward+lk,hp, connects when u hdc
okay so they are only a few, but I haven’t experimented much with the other charcters, just with anakaris since I’m trying hard to be a top anakplayer. But I know there’s more. We need to pick up this thread, Amingo doesn’t get enough credit and he can kick some butt! Any questions or cool combos,or what teams u use with amingo and can actually kick some ass with him like I do should postem up.

Amingo Basics

BH, Amingo, Capcom

DHC’s, xx vine xx armegeddon xx captain sword (BH misses frequently on this combo), xx vine xx HOD
s.fp (let it hit for 2 hits) xx flower super xx BH qcb+ PP xx captain storm
s.fp xx flower super xx HOD
s.fp xx flower super xx captain sword
captain fire xx amingo balance assist xx captain storm
BH (very close) qcb+ PP xx flower super (you can do BH’s air version and it connects if there are demons hitting them when the flower hits)
inferno xx HOD
HOD xx captain storm xx vine

amingo’s combo of choice- jump in lk, mk, land sj. lp, lk, lk, lk, lk xx fp onion ball. 16 hits

amingo- jump in lk, mk, land capcom AA sj. lp, lk, lk, lk, lk xx fp onion ball. lots of damage. timing is very important on the assist. I try to send it up at the same time the the thorns are at their peak. BH’s AA assist is very messy for this combo but you can just make it shorter.

jump in lk, mk land lk or (lp) fp xx flower super (7 hits)

-onion ball or dash under them after inferno assist then vine them
-Amingo’s lk is VERY quick, abuse it when close
-give them lots of mini amingos to play with. 2 at a time on screen, mix up with lk fk
-rush that shit down, amingo is fast
-assist characters get fucked up in the vine so try to catch them with lots of that (gief on ground assist does this quite well)

The only self-combo that I can think of that’s good for comboing into the vine is:

In-corner: C.Lk, C.Hp (2 hits), QCF + Hp (2 or 3 hits), cancel into Vine

The Vine is better used for anti-air purposes, or cross-over purposes, for example:

In-corner: C.Lk, C.Lk (launch), Lp, Lk, Lp, Lk, Lk, Lk, QCF + Lp, Lk, Lp, fall to the ground, Vine. If you move toward the corner as you fall, the Vine will cross-up (even though it looks like the opopnent is being hit on one side, they’re really being hit on the other).

Also, some good/fun DHCs after the vine are (in no particular order):

Storm (Hailstorm)
Sonson (Giant Dildo)
Sonson (POW)
Magneto (Magnetic Tempest)
Sentinel (Hyper Sentinel Force)
Tron Bonne (Lunch Rush)
Felicia (Help Me!)

There’s more things that you can do with the vine (and Amingo for that matter), but that’s all that i’ll list for now. Anyone who wishes to learn more can ask, and i’ll try to respond when I can.

Oh BTW, my two Amingo teams are Amingo/Storm/Doom and Amingo/Sonson/Doom.

Funny how I use amingo with blackheart too. I like to use amingo with bh cause of the cross up abilities of this team. I like to end most air combos with hk. After the hk most think that u will come down with a hk, but any Amingo player knows thats not all he can do now can he.
1) tick then throw.
2) AAA,tigerknee lp onion ball, attack with lk coming down. Most of the time the onion rush will cross up and if it does u will most likely get a hit in, just before the tk onion ball finishes bh comes out to assist u and ur opponnent won’t know where to block. Only the most skilled can block this but even then they wouldn’t expect amingo to rush that shit down. Its very important to keep on attacking with amingo, that’s why I tend to use air combos ending with hk cause of flying screen can set u up for some more combos, just experiment with different assist and u’ll eventually get a hit in. A amingo not attacking = dead amingo. He’s a pretty good point char but not against sent. or cable. U really have to know ur shit in order to stand a chance. Amingo against cable with assists is really a dead amingo, thats why I have storm and blackheart in this team. If magneto tries to rush u down a well timed qcf+2k super will more than likely hit him, just wait until u actually see him coming down with a lk cause most mag player do. Even if they tri-jump then lk u can still catch them cause amingo goes into the ground, and they won’t be able to hit him out of the super.

U might not think that ending combos with hk is very good in damage but, if u can cross up afterwards and keep applying pressure he can really be pretty scary. Pick the dark green color with the evil yellow eyes, he looks likes hes possessed or something. If u happen to catch them with the qcf+2k super, u could dhc, i like to dhc into bh armagedon followed by hailstorm. this takes off a lot of damage. Don’t forget to smash. Try to use his manual launcher, most think that this doesn’t have priority but u may suprise some ppl, at the very least u’ll trade hits. Keep on posting people. Anyone with question or comments should post em and I’ll try to get back to u, come on I know there’s gotta be more amingo players.


Ok, my amingo just got 10 times better. Lunch Rush also connects at the end of captain storm when they are falling back down.

My amingo team, amingo/doom/tron


Amingo/Tron hell yeah and it’s all about that last ring…Amingo/Doom hell yeah…Amingo/Doom/Tron not so much

Amingo’s fighting style naturally lends itself to slow projectile assists. As with most other characters, feel free to insert an aa of some sort.