Ammy's weapon changer combo + Patch?

I been doing the combos in which u mash C then weapon change to sword into B, but now I’m not able to do that. I just can’t do it anymore. Did the patch change that combo in anyway? The C combo? Or could it be that i’m not doing it properly? I usually just buffer down down and B during the C mashing. It was really an easy combo until now.

What is the exact combo you’re doing?

I’m pretty sure that the hitstun was reduced on the forward H chain, so that could be why the timing is much more strict.

Yeah at this point I’m wondering if Glaive switch is even practical for a BNB anymore. It’s not like I can never get it, but even if I was 75%, that 25% is too costly in combat. Now, is the post launch Glaive switch (into quick jump df+C otg, etc) do-able midscreen? Corner its easy, but mid seems too far to be quick enough

Uhh, you can’t OTG down-forward QCF+S into re-Okami Shuffle midscreen.

What you CAN do is use an assist to buy you time after your f+H chain to switch to glaive and then launch. It’s working with Akuma’s Tatsu assist, just call him near the end of the f+H chain, switch to glaive, dash+launch, etc.

Timing’s prob pretty strict on that with Taskmaster arrows, but I’ll try it. Is anyone else still pulling the normal switch consistently post-patch?

I don’t find it the slightest bit difficult when I go for it. Sat down in training mode, got it every time. And I don’t even usually use it in matches, since I prefer to stay in Glaive… I dunno what to say, it’s definitely still usable.

Do u guys weapon change at a certain number of hits of mashing C? I know I seen James chen do it at 4 hit combo then do glaive combo. I’m wondering if the last hit of the C mashing has the most hitstun bc I been successful at doing it those times. I’ve been able to do it other number of hits. It just seems very impractical to keep track of the number of C’s your doing in the middle of a fight.

not only is it practical but it is a boon for people who want to call assists during 6CCCCC and require specific timing for it.

It’s not really that hard. Hell, you can just listen for the barking (slightly different for 6C and 5C)

I usually do Forward H 5 times and and do the weapon switch immediately after. WHen I hit H that last time its during the fourth hit so mid animation for the 5th hit I weapon switch. Cancelling on that and on 3 H’s are the easiest for me.

Basically, due to the hitstun nerf, you have to perform the weapon change after the 5th H faster for it to work now. It is easier to pull it off after the 3rd H (feels how it felt pre-nerf), but if you really want to get the most out of it, a bit more execution is required. It does suck if you happen to drop it because a blocked S is quite punishable by most of the cast.

The nerf has moved me into doing the weapon switch after a c.H and just use the sword to continue a combo before launching into Ammy’s MMS df+H, qcf+s, okami shuffle.

Use an assist to help ease the time burden or just wep switch on st. h and do a glaive combo for more damage

Honzo, you ever like to use Task arrows to get two sets of fHHHHH? Ive done it in training so I know it’s possible, but the timing is pretty tight, may not be match practical. Either way, Task arrows are fun to mess with during Ammy attacks :slight_smile:

if your assist isnt like akuma or hsienko just HHHHH S jump M HHH super if your mid screen, in the corner after a knockdown you can still weapon change into super easily but i did notice HHHHH super cant even land on the ground anymore

Yeah that’s my bnb from disc mode. Just switch asap when you land and do a little dash then d.H xx qcf+S xx shuffle. A few hits of the thunder sword will hit and combo.

I used to, but the patch fucked up my two sets of H combo, so I just default to one set and time the arrows to hit when I wep switch to help with the timing.

Smart! I cant stand when missing the switch makes me eat a full combo and often lose Ammy. Too often I get punished for outsmarting my opponent(and starting the combo in the 1st place). Around what point of the H’s do you tend to hit the task button? I’m sure I could figure it out, but since I’m at work, figured I might as well just ask the masta’

I’m finding it easier to do this combo.

M H f.H f.H f.H f.H f.H S sj.M H H H qcf.H M S sj.M H H H S dd.M assist instantdf.H qcf.S reset or super.

The key is having an active hitbox on your opponent as you otg with the glaive dive. So it’ll be easier with an assist like Doom Beam or Jam Session.

Regardless of the nerf, I’m still doing the original combo consistently. It’s not really a big deal because there are more damaging disc->sword combos.

The combo we’re discussing does approximately 548,500.

I like (from disc) s.M, s.H, c.H, (weapon switch to sword), s.M, s.H, qcf+L, s.M, s.H, c.H, qcf+L, s.M, S, sj.M, sj.S, df+H, qcf+s, Okami Shuffle: 619, 600.

(And if you’re wondering why there’s only 1 sj.M and not 2, it’s hitstun deterioration. An air S after a second air M will wiff.)

I realized her disc BnB without weapon change does more than the combo we’re discussing by a tad bit. the s.M, s.H. f.H H H H H H, S, sj.M, sj.M, sj.H, sj.H, sj.H, air qcf.H, s.M, S, (TK?) Okami Shuffle: around 553,700

No, still fine