Amotivational Syndrome

So my psychiatrist says I have amotivational syndrome. I’m 29, jobless and live with my mom. I have a bachelors in philosophy and a masters in computer science. I realize that I hate computers after working a job in it for 8 months. They canned me because I was sneaking out to sleep in my car.

I’ve basically done nothing for a year and have leached off my parents. I don’t find anything to be interesting nor do I have any real passions. I mostly just get sick of stuff after a while. So I’m in a funk and want to get out of it. Does anyone else suffer from amotivational syndrome? Are there any ways to cure it? Any job suggestions for me?

start lifting

if youre gonna be a loser at least be a loser with a dope physique

I’m wondering how you were able to get a bachelor’s and master’s in computer science ,yet only now decided that a computer related field isn’t for you.

Anyway go to the gym as NickRocks said.
Exercise is good for health and psychological issues.

I would also get some sort of job even if it’s hospitality related. and pay your parents if you’re going to live there indefinitely.
Once you’re knee deep in other people’s shit,you will gain appreciation for a decent paying job.

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What you need is an Asian Sugar Mamma

29, jobless and living with your parents is probably still doing better than most of SRK

also if you see a psychiatrist why are you asking random people on the internet how to cure what hes diagnosed you with?

What jobs does SRK even – our expertise - I got it!

e-sports cyber athlete


Go out to the gym to get into shape and start hitting the bar/club so you can meet some girls. You’ll definitely feel better after getting laid. Also (and this is the most important part), before long you’ll have an ex girlfriend. Literally the only way I stay motivated is so I can shove my success into the faces of my ex girls, if it works for me it will work for you

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On the real, get a part time job at starbucks or something with decent benefits. work your body, then your mind. find a hobby and master it.

The fuck is Amotivation?

In greek, a or an signifies a lack of something

Anhedonia meaning lack of pleasure

In this case, lack of motivation , most likely due to neurotransmitter imbalance /deficiency in the patients brain.

I tried looking on medical websites, and I dont really see much on it.

NIH has an abstract suggesting that chronic weed use may cause it or that it may arise from abusing organic solvents.

Unfortunately, the article is not available to read fully.

OP: do you take any psychiatric meds or do any sort of illicit drugs?

^^ Heheh. I approve.

Wake-up call dude: You don’t have time to waste on this earth. Maybe when you hit 30+, the realization will hit you, that you won’t be young forever. Life is too damn short, to not be devoting at LEAST 80% of your time towards your goals. That means it’s ok to be a lazyass for 1-2 days a week but, the other 5 days you should be Full-tilt boogey, working towards something BETTER.

It sounds to me like you may have goals in mind and what you REALLY want but, don’t believe in yourself to achieve them, and you’re just procrastinating and running away right now. Eventually you have to get the ball rolling sometime, however you can.

“You don’t have to be great to start but, you have to start to become great”.

First you have to think about what you REALLY want…

Nah, that’s legit one of the pettiest things I’ve ever heard.

Whatever bro, spite and vengeance are the two greatest motivators in the world

self hate is the best motivator actually

its too much work to hate someone else, but when you hate yourself enough to want to change its there everyday

you could end up like me and have body dysmorphia tho. coworkers be like ur getting buff and I just reply with “my arms fkn suck”

theres no best motivator. different things motivate different people. if you think revenge or self loathing is the best motivator I think that says more about you than anything else.

At this point, I’d say this dude needs to get the ball rolling however he can.