Amotivational Syndrome


U DONT KNOW ME slams bedroom door

My guess is that is a mild form of depression

I can tell just by looking at your sig that you have esteem/depression issues. I’m not familiar with this “Amotivational syndrome” (sounds like bullshit to me) but like most psychological disorders, I’m pretty sure it could be overcome with mindfulness training.

If I were you, I’d start going to therapy more and really trying to work on mindfulness. There’s likely a program your therapist can recommend that will help, because I think a good portion of the stuff you’re worried/scared of/anxious about is all in your head and more you projecting your ideas of yourself on other people. That, and I’d also take the advice about going to the gym. Not only is it good for your health, but your psyche, and I think once you get over the initial hump of going, you’ll find it’s really rewarding.

What kind of bullshit fagg0try is this bullshit when you willingly choose to be a leech. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like working with computers, you aren’t a kid anymore.



This sounds like a post for:

you can always work at Mcdonalds for a change I heard they’re paying 10 bucks an a hour in some places.

anyway if it helps…

Wait there is a scientific term for lazy. The fuck is this, what do you need motivation for. I get up and go to work not because I’m motivated but because I have to fuckin eat. I get up and go to the gym not because I’m motivated but because I’m not trying to be a fat fuck and have to pay more for health issues in the future. Your problem is that you are lazy and have options in your life which allow you to be so. Remove your parents from the situation and then you are forced to keep a job because you will no longer have people to leech off of. Of you really have all the things you claim and really got fired for sneaking out to sleep in your car. The best solution your parents could do is kick your ass out the house. Then you are forced to do something or die.

Says he doesn’t do things because he’s motivated, lists a bunch of motivators for why he does things

I fucking swear SRK.

There’s something special about being able to name a product:

“Nuts of Destruction”

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What happened to OP…

But then he dissed some guy for his motivations – I’m not going to go there to see exactly how that all went down and if it was warranted:

Take that, Amazing Punbags!

Anyway, for another helpful suggestion that won’t even be heard or responded to, but its still a good one. Doom 2 mods. Pour yourself into that and don’t come back until its perfect.


I’m particularly jelly of those, gotta be tons of other factors in them

Stories, of course to sell the magazines, of the $100,000 a year job person, who quits, then find their true calling.

Not jealous of them for being able to make ends meet, and at times somehow equal money by hosting some grand canyon tours for 5 people?! But that they got to a spot where they could pickup a whole bunch of startup cash like that at their old career to go pursue something they actually want to do and become their own bosses.

There’s always the crazy guy who does it to go do the human cockfighting of Thailand jail kickboxing, to prove how manly he is or some shit, though. That’s fucking nuts.

I don’t necessarily call that motivation l. It’s more basic survival.

Which are motivators. Not wanting to die is a motivator. Do us all a favor and stop posting in this thread, if you can’t tell what are and are not motivators then you have no business posting in a thread on the subject.

So you are saying I have motivation because I don’t want to die. OK fair. What the hell do you have to have in order to not only get a bachelor’s but also a masters?

A motivator to get a bachelors or a masters degree. Duh.

First of all I want to thank everyone for the overwhelmingly positive and supportive comments.

My amotivational syndrome is a crippling disease that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. People are quick to label you as lazy, but they just don’t understand the disease much like people don’t understand other diseases like anorexia or lupis. When I go out to sleep at work, it’s because of this syndrome. When I don’t look for a job and “leech” off of others, it’s because I simply have no power to do otherwise.

I feel like my life has been robbed from this disease of which there is no cure at the moment. But at least I have you guys and this forum to occupy my days.

I thought about working out, but I don’t see the point nor do I have the motivation. I guess I’ll just wait until something in life spurs me to do something.

You didnt answer my question.
Do you use marijuana or any illicit drugs?
Benezene, paint, markers or other inhalants?