Amotivational Syndrome

Man, psychologists must make a fortune off this “disease”.

“Yeah, your laziness is a disease, and because of the disease, you’re too lazy to stop yourself from being lazy. Let’s book weekly sessions.”

Yes I do marijuana occasionally. Typically in binges for like one week a month. I’ve recently stopped however because I’m going to take a drug test soon cus I’m gonna go to EMT school.

You have to fight your problem. Just sitting around going “Well I could…but I don’t see the point” is you giving in and letting your disorder win. Can’t have any sympathy for someone who doesn’t even try or worse yet uses it as something to fall back on so they can go sleep in their car while everyone else is inside busting their ass.

You have problem. You’ve acknowledged it. Now time to start doing something about it and fighting it. If you “don’t see the point” in bettering yourself then you’re a lost cause and a waste of our time. You keep sitting around and waiting for something to come to you, you’re never going to find it, and you’re gonna die having accomplishing nothing. Get off your ass and fight your problem. You’re the only one who can change your situation. We’re not gonna sit here and coddle you and tell you how sad we feel for you because you’re unwilling to do anything about your situation. You will quickly find this place turn very fucking hostile towards you if you keep coming around here with that attitude. We all have fucking problems and we all have to deal with them, we’re not gonna entertain someone who can’t try and deal with their own.


Shut the fuck up and pick the sharpest object around you and run around.

He smokes pot to.

Fucking loser

oh this is just a bait thread /: lame, i was hoping OP was a loser and not just a ph@6607 loser

Yeah, it’s kinda half and half. Everything I said in OP was true. But honestly with responses like these I can’t help but laugh at the anger people have towards this.

If you want I can teach you how to rage quit life.

No its not

Fucking liar…

This would be the most random lie to make up… Like anyone would even know there’s such a thing as amotivational syndrome unless a psychiatrist informs them of it.

In any case, thx for the replies, especially the ppl who wished I was dead. It’s nice to know there’s ppl out there even worse than me at least.

some people find their motivation in helping others. that is ok. there are teaching programs out there trying to educate younger/disadvantaged people to computer science and programming. programming can open the doors for alot of people and you might find some purpose in helping other people reach their potential.

Who the fuck says “I DO marijuana”

Wtf you having sex with it little nigga? You shoving Marijuana up your ass?

I got a bachelor’s and master’s and only make about $40,000/year gross (not net) income…

You make it sound like it’s some hard science to add an ‘a’ in front of motivational and slap on syndrome at the end.

Tons of tumblr bitches do that shit on a daily basis.

He got caught with child porn. Puck is a pos.

Also we call laziness a syndrome

Sounds like you should try to join mlg and get really good at halo or starcraft

Death would be too good for you