Amp rating on arcade stick buttons?


I’m looking into making my own box mod for vaping, and I was curious as to if using a sanwa/seimetsu/crown/whatever for the firing switch would be doable or not, anybody know how much load these switches can take or if it would even be a viable idea? Would probably be close to 35 amps and 120+ watts going through the device, I’ve used those kinds of setups with other switches rated at 20a with no problems in the past. What are our Sanwas and stuff?


The Vaping part is outside the scope of what we do here.
Now the push buttons, they are just momentary Single Pole Single Throw SPST switches.

An American style button, its microswitches are rated about 3A @ 120 VAC depending on the switch. Some switches go as high as 4A @ 125VAC
Cherry switches are 21 A @ 250 VAC.

Japanese and Korean buttons are (typically) rated for a max of 1A @ 12 volts. ( I am basing this figure from a generic Japanese style button)
The exact specs vary with different manufacturers, but they should all be in the same ball park.

I think Arcade buttons are ill-suited for your project

I think something more like this would better suit you