AMP Up Customs: Now taking orders. TE2, MCZ SE, FS Pro, and Hori FE


inendoi that’s my next stick I’m working on. Trying to finish up the Quanba Q4 panel. It’s next in line. :slight_smile:


Interesting prospect. With Lightning Labels defunct, no one really had anyone to turn to for metal panels.

Do you think you’ll be able to offer Hori VLX panels down the line? They were difficult for Blklightning due to the sheer length; I’m not sure if he even ultimately offered them before he closed up shop. I’d definitely be interested if you could, though.


I can create and cut ANY metal panel. I just can’t cut anything by its self. I must have at least 20 orders in to process them. They all don’t have to be 20 of the same panel, I just need orders. 1 person can order 3 panels and all I would need is 17 more. If more people want panels or plexi, then I can work up to 40 at the most.


“Here comes a new Challenger”. AMPed Up Customs presents Quanba Panels. Now taking orders. Matching plexi’s will also be available. Thanks.


Are these steel or aluminum? Would it eventually be possible to get one made in, say, brass?


My panels are made out of 16gag stainless steel. Brass can be done.


Bump for some hype and a special announcement coming 10/1.


Can you make a hitbox panel for a TE??


Yes I can Chopaholic. I just need to get the dimensions as to where the buttons for for the directions go. Up, down, left, right. I don’t know what they are. I am working on it.


What’s up Everybody. Well it’s Time to let the kitty out of the bag, but First I would like to thank everybody who has liked my page and who has shared it. Thank you very much. Keep spreading the word. And for doing so, I would like to announce a contest. Here we go.

With in the next order of panels I will be giving away some goodies. This contest is for the next 20 orders starting on today’s date.

1st person to place an order will receive their panel of choice. $30 dollar value for FREE!!

10th person to place an order will receive a matching plexi. $20 dollar value for FREE!!

20th person to place an order will have their order shipped. $10 dollar value for FREE!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me. Thanks and Good luck.


Interesting name for a product/company.

Just thought I’d say that. Ha!

Hope your business does well for you, man.


Lol. Thanks AMP. Those are my initials. I’m a one man show. But I am hiring and you seem to fit well in my company. Lol. Thanks again.


glad you got this rolling Angel, hope it works out well for you.


Mm, I see you’ve arranged those button holes in the ever-popular Pac-Man-style layout!


I want to see you doing the SE panels.


Are the SE’s in high demand now that they released the new Korean style se’s?


How about sega panels for their cabinets?


Hi Stezo. I could but would need something to reverse engineer.

I just wanted to show you guys what I’m capable of cutting. I would love to help out the community as much as I can with my services. Here is a pic on some metal decor. These are not for sale. Just wanted to show the kind of custom work I’m capable of.


Well Ladies and Gentlemen. We have a winner. The only contestant to enter. Congratulations to Luis_Post. You won a Panel of your choice for being the first person to place an order to AMPed Up Customs. $30 value. Thank you and you should be receiving your panel this Friday. Check your pm’s for more details.

Contest is still running. But there is a new twist. I’m cutting the number down to 10. 5th person to place an order will receive a matching plexi free. $20 value. And the 10th person to place an order will receive free shipping. 10$ value. Thanks for looking.


PM sent.