AMP Up Customs: Now taking orders. TE2, MCZ SE, FS Pro, and Hori FE


another pm sent as well :slight_smile:


This is probably random as hell, but do you think you would in the future ever be able to make custom sega arcade panels?


Yes I could Cmonster. I would just need something to reverse engineer.


Here comes a New Challenger!!! AMPed Up Customs is proud to present T5/HRAP panels and plexi. Bring your old joysticks back to life with an all new metal replacement panel and plexi fully custom to your liking.

Thank you hibachifinal for your purchase. T5 with namco noir 6 button layout. Only start button and ready for myoung Fanta korean stick. Also Sanwa jlf ready as well as happ/IL ready. Can’t wait to see your final touches.

A new Challenger awaits in the mist…


Hey dude! How much for a HRAP plexi?

WTB: TE Stick: 2 Cable Compartment Doors/Lids and 2 Metal Panels

$20 for plexi. $10 for shipping.


Confessional from one of my KLOV Texas people. If you want to see it, you must be a member due to it being in the regional thready.

Happy Late Christmas and Happy early New Year.

CEC_DFW: “Angel has blown me away with his skills. He made me some baller panels for my mutlicade machines. (props to joe aka OU Flight for making awesome CNC cabinets) I gave Angel a rough idea as to what I wanted and he exceeded in many levels. Communication, sense of urgency, accuracy, and awesomeness. Pics are of my bare panels (stainless), panel after I added a decal, and populated panel. Fits perfect in Joes cabinet, I also used the strike panel brackets on sides (under panel) from twisted quarter. perfect fit. Oh, and his price was right when it comes to custom products.”

I hope this is alright to post. Just trying to boost some sales.

Sage. Glad your panel and lexan arrived fine and hope to see some pics real soon. :slight_smile:


Would you be able to sell a universal mounting plate for a hori t5 stick by itself?


I would be able to but it’s only designed to mount my panels. Not to be bought and installed any joystick. You would have to figure out how to mount the Mounting plate to your own stick. Plus it’s not meant for just any stick. Again. It’s only designed for my panels I sell. Hope this helps. Look close to my first pics on this thread and you will see. Thanks again.


Hey B-Boy. Really happy to see someone stepping up to do the custom metal panels after Lightning Label shut it down.

What’s the thickness of the plexi?


Hi lolMark. I don’t sell plexi. I sell Lexan. Just want to make sure we are on the same page. My lexan thickness is 1/16. Would you like to place an order.


Hi, are you still doing this? I wanna know if you’d be able to do an hrap2 top panel with hitbox button config.


Hi McGinnis. I sure am. Ive just been a bit busy promoting and running a local venue. Yes I can make your panel per your requests.


pm incoming


PM incoming


Anything on custom SE top metal panels?


Hi Sonic. Its in the works. Just not at the moment.


ok bud at least SOMEONE has something in mind for the little SE. I stare at the slight slope on my 6 button, turbo paneless setup and I start to cringe at the imperfection lol.


Hey bud, wanted to let you know it worked out fine :slight_smile: I’m just waiting on an extra button and padhack to start using it on my xbone. Thanks! Top notch work!


Hey i just wanted to tell everyone that im having a hori Tekken 5 top panel made by angel and he has been very good in keeping in contact with me about how the process is going on with making my panel. when i receive the panel ill be sure to post some pictures.