Amusement Parks


I’ve come to the realization that I really like amusement parks. I was at Disneyland last week, and I returned for California Adventure this week (SoCal 2fer ticket). I like the rides, the shows, the foodbut really, what I love about theme parks is the feeling of immersion and the temporary escape from reality.

At Disneyland, you can never see outside the park from anywhere past the entrance. There are no buildings, no construction sites, no mountains, and no semblance of time. You don’t even realize that you’re tired or that your feet hurt because you’ve been walking on them for hours because of adrenaline. And while I think most other parks aren’t quite as good at presenting things this way, I feel like a kid again when I visit any of them.

Except for Universal Studios; that park sucks.

Anyway, I think I want to get season passes for Knott’s Berry Farm and Six Flags Magic Mountain this year, since they’re cheap right now. Is anyone else planning to do something similar?


Nah economy’s put a dipper in my life probably won’t get to go to another amusement park in another three years.


I like amusement parks, but I really only go to ride roller coasters now. I used to be scared as fuck of them, but at 15 I decided to man up when we went to the roller coaster capitol of the world, Cedar Point, and road the Raptor. I think thats a pretty crazy coaster for it to be my first. The outer limits at King’s island is my favorite though. 0 to 60 in seconds, straight into all those twists and turns is the shit.


I love amusement parks. My girlfriend and I took my nephew to for his first trip to Disneyland(did the whole 9 yards with the Disneyland Hotel and 2 day park hopper pass) beginning of January and we all had a blast. I can’t not enjoy myself when I’m at Disneyland, and I was just at Disney Tokyo last January and had a blast there too. If/when I move back to cali I’m probably gonna be visiting at least once a year(depending on where I live maybe even get a season pass). Also California Adventure was pretty fun, the Alladin show was dope.


Got Paramount Canada’s Wonderland over here. Great park but I’ve been too many times. Took the wife last summer and had a blast but its expensive and get kind of old quickly. Overall, I enjoy it now and then but there are other places I’d like to spend that money.


We should to have six flags Astroworld until the owners said fuck this gang banging bullshit and sold the land.


Sad day indeed.


Special functions at theme parks are pretty great. Sep, you might not like Universal Studios, but I visited the one in Orlando a few years back for Halloween Horror Nights. It was friggin’ awesome to see the difference between a normal day visit and setup for the Horror Nights later that evening. They really went all out, and riding a roller coaster like the Incredible Hulk or dueling dragons at night adds another layer to the excitement of an already exciting ride. I’ve also been eyeing a trip to Disney World for Star Wars Weekend.


fried dough is too good. i dont like stuff with alot of sugar but i turn into a fat kid when u give me some fried dough. shits dripping wit butter,sugar and cinnamon.


Six Flags Great America is that hotness. The only thing that snaps me back to reality is the traces of free market when I buy a coke for 3 dollars.


I always liked amusement parks, but my parents rarely took me to them or I’d never have the time go, but one of my best memories involves Disneyland & California Adventure. Even though it was years ago, my grad night with my class was awesome. We arrived in Socal at like 9pm, and we immediately went to California Adventure. Rode the rides and ate dinner until 11, when we could enter Disneyland. 11pm to roughly 6am in a crowded, chaotic Disneyland with my high school class. Good times. The atmosphere at night was simply amazing. People crashed at like 5-6am. We were lucky and found a cafe and tried to sleep until 7.


Yeah, I’ll agree with that, but here in SoCal, Knott’s Scary Farm (the original, but this is blacked out from the season pass deal) and Six Flags Fright Fest are better than Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. Fright Fest actually runs all of Magic Mountain’s rides backwards, and that is something I really want to experience.

And yeah, regarding food, Disney and Knott’s have some incredible food. The Plaza Inn at Disneyland has some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had?better than Popeye’s?and they give you a lot for an okay price.

Also, for those who’ve been to Disneyland, has anyone ever tried Club 33? It’s the second floor of the Blue Bayou, and it’s supposed to be ridiculously good (and expensive).


Yeah, I’ve heard Six Flags does a good job for Halloween. I’ll also agree that Disney has amazing food. You’ve got everything from McD’s and roasted turkey legs on up to four star restaurants. When I visited epcot I made an effort to stop at each “country” for a meal or snack. Unfortunately for me I was 20 at the time and they were having a wine tasting event for the weekend with different kinds and vintages from around the world.


If you are in SoCal for Halloween season, the Queen Marry does the best job.

As for Amusement Parks, Six Flags is just too good. I love roller coasters, Viper is just too good. I can ride that coaster endlessly.


Disneyland sucks though. 2 hour line for a 2 minute ride.


That’s how it is at every park. Use Fast Pass.


I usually go to Knott’s as my work recieves packets of different coupons every 3 months or so. I personally dont see the appeal of Disneyland and only went once when I went on a field trip for 7th grade day. A friend of mine knows I like 18th and 19th century time period and recently told me that Disneyland has a land; the New Orleans Square so I wanna check that out.

Good luck trying to get in as I doubt anybody here is a member of the 33. The wait time to be a member is like about 14 years (!) and membership fees are up the wazoo. (member fee of $10,450 and an annual fee of $3,275 for us normies)

Sep, if you havent done so, you should check out its a pretty good read.


this reminds me, I love Funnel cake my favorite amusement park food by far.

I was crazy lucky when I went in January, I had no longer than a 20 minute wait for any ride my first day. It was a Thursday, which is already a plus, and because we stayed at the Disneyland Hotel we got into the park an hour early, so within the first hour we rode Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Star Tours, and 1 other I can’t remember. And even after general admission it was barely any line, Indiana Jones, seeing Mickey, etc were all really quick. so going in off season during the week = shorter lines.

My first job was actually at Paramount’s Great America in NorCal, fun job free entry and cheap as fuck amusement park food in the back lot haha.


I like amusement parks too, but I can’t do roller coasters. Seriously.

We have a park down here with a coaster called the Boomerang (the type that gets pulled back up a ramp by chain, goes until it hits another chain, and repeats backwards). My eyes were closed the whole time. I seriously could not get my eyes open during that ride.


I went back to Disneyland in Dec for the 1st time in 7 years…all I can say is it’s pretty awesome to see the Haunted Mansion go through that Nightmare Before Christmas overhaul during that time. Yes lines can be long but Fastpass preptime works around that. Disneyland not just gives you rides, they give you an experience with them.


Yeah, thanks to Fast Pass, I’ve not waited in a Disneyland line for more than 20 minutes, regardless of what the ride is.

I’m also really looking forward to World of Color and the new Little Mermaid attraction opening in California Adventure next year. It’s hard to believe that many of the 90s animated classics never had rides or attractions built for them.